Travelling attempted to repair it and figure out a

by aircraft particularly an air plane is common to most people nowadays. An
aircraft is a machine that can fly by gaining support from the air. This is the
definition of aircraft from Wikipedia. However, how would it be possible for
something that is flying at 39000 feet, cruising at a speed of 900 km/h and weighing
upwards of 500 tonnes manage to fly steadily and safely? This is what initially
sparks my interest towards aeronautics; I am eagerly wanting to know more of
how such complex machines can be built to maintain such high standards both in
performance and safety.

of excitement and passion on something you interested is the vital reason that
drives you to success. I have no special talents. I am only passionately
curious.”  said Albert Einstein. I have
unlimited of passion as well as curiosity about this field as I read literature
on a variety of aircraft, their design and roles. Books such as ‘The Aerospace
Chronology’ provided some insight into technological advances that have
produced safer, faster and more agile planes.

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have always been interested in the mechanics involved in creating machines. For
example, when my computer broke down I dismantled it, attempted to repair it
and figure out a way to make it function again. I was unable to solve the
problem, but this only built on my curiosity to understanding the circuitry and
chips embedded in the computer. Helping my father maintain and repair the
family motor vehicle has also strengthened my desire to study engineering as I
love technicality involved in using my hands to repair something. I have also
noticed that most of the engineering courses have slightly similar substance
and structure in the beginning and only specialise later on, I find this to be
quite an appealing factor.

key aspect of my interest in engineering is that it further applies the
theories, tools and concepts within these subjects in a practical context. I
hope to elaborate upon my interests in these subjects during my degree. I
believe that by studying Aeronautics I will be combining both my academic and
long-standing interests in this ever-expanding field. As a result, to extensive
research into which degree course to study, all has pointed towards the
Aerospace aspect of engineering. I am now anxious to be involved in future
aircraft developments and keen to expand my knowledge particularly in this field.

did I choose to study in University of Southampton? Well, there are plenty of reasons
to support my decision of studying in this world-class research-centred
university, however, the main and foremost reason which gave me the urge is
that I can graduate with a degree from an internationally recognised premier university
for aeronautics and astronautics and gain a truly global education experience,
as the Malaysia split campus provide us student to study at the United Kingdom
campus for the last two years of our studies. I am very excited and thrilled
about this.   Second reason will be, all programmes that are
offered by University of Southampton have been approved by the Malaysian
Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). This
will enable me to have no problem in applying my professional title later when
I am graduate. Last but not the least, with the precious opportunity of
studying in University of Southampton, I can take my place at the cutting edge,
among some of the most talented students and academics from around the world.

is always about planning. Hence, I have planned for myself too. Upon completing
my degree in aeronautics and astronautics, my short-term goals are to join a
well-established aerospace and aero-engine company and get my hand into
designing and solving technical problems that arisen from both aircraft and
spacecraft. While my long-term goals are found an aerospace and defence
consultation firm at the capital of my home country, Kuala Lumpur.