Transport TCP ports 20 and 21 for file transmission

Layer services

application layer in computer networks is the abstraction layer, which
specifies the protocol that are shared and the interface methods that are used
by hosted communication networks. It is the seventh layer in the OSI (open
systems interconnection) model of communication. The application layer consists
of protocols whose aim is to provide a process-to-process communication across
the IP network. Its major use is to provide the user services.

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file transfer protocol (FTP) and the trivial file transfer protocol (TFTP) as a
service of the transport layer provides are used in the file transfer process.

file transfer protocol is used when transferring or receiving files on a remote
computer. The ftp creates a connection between the two client machines and the
system server. One of the machines controls the data to be shared and the other
machine is used for transferring data. This layer uses the transmission control

trivial file transfer protocol TFTP on the other hand is used for copying files
between two machines on a network. TFTP is simple to implement and uses little memory.
Trivial file transfer protocol is therefore useful when loading and booting the
configurations of a system that does not have a device for storage. However, the
TFTP lacks the encryption and authentication mechanisms hence provides access
to files that are in its directory. TFTP is used on local area networks that
are public.

major difference between the two is that the FTP uses the TCP ports 20 and 21
for file transmission while the TFTP uses the UDP port number 26. Another difference
between the FTP and the TFTP is that, the TFP is used interactively while the
TFTP only allows the transfer of files to any direction. Unlike the TFT that
allows authentication, TFTP does not allow any authethication.

the similarity between TFTP and FTP is that, both are the layers of the
application protocol and are both used during the transfer of files between
client machines.