Translation between different languages. According to Hatim and Mason

Translation is a process of rendering written or oral information
or expressing sense (words and text) from source language to a foreign one as a
remedy of making feasible the communication between the members or users of the
two or more foreign diverse languages or cultures. Among many factors which are
major in the field of translation, the ideology having interference on
translation practice has gained significant attention. The ideology itself is a
set of ideas upon which a political or economic system is based and beliefs
which are held by a certain group. The fuzzy life of ideology in translation is
undeniable and it is completely unfeasible to extract the ideologies from the
texts being the product of diverse interpretations. This research is aimed to
investigate the role and impact of the ideology on translation studies. In this
paper, the author also intend to reveal the effect of ideology concept in
rendering news media including political texts, cultural context.

Ideology, news
media, political texts, cultural context

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The emergence of the translation studies is related with the need
to transfer knowledge, general context between different languages. According
to Hatim and Mason (1997), the translation is the communicative action between
two different languages as well as culture, politics, history and ideology. The
translation is  not just the product of
process occurring in the translator’s head. In the struggle of the rival
ideologies, the translation process has an inherent part (Bassnet &
Lefevere, 1990).The research on the role or interference of ideology on
translation began in the early history of the translation studies. The
researchers’ great interest in the field of searching connections between translation,
ideology and distinctive cultural products started to increase since the 1980s.
Calzada Perez and Schaffner (2003) claim that “all language use or possess is ideological”.
The ideology plays a significant role in the translation studies in the fact
that the selection of translated texts, translation strategies and the
dissemination of the certain translated texts are kept under the control of the

In order to identify the role of the ideology in the translation
process ,it is a vital issue to utterly 
investigate its interference to political, cultural and social context and
news media and the matter of how different ideologies impact the translations
of a text.