Trailer the clown but a pervasive darkness and evil

Trailer Analysis


This opening shot of the trailer directed by Andy Muschietti reveals the peaceful, 80s-set New England town that appears just fine and dandy on the outside, but hides a centuries-old rot within. From here, everything goes downhill.

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Previous looks at IT have focused on the protagonists, the Losers. But the local bullies, who play a massive part in the story, get their share of the spotlight here. Meet (L to R) Patrick Hockstetter (Teague) who can also be seen on the Missing poster, Belch Huggins (Sim), Henry Bowers (Hamilton), and Victor Criss (Thompson). Here, they’re harassing Richie.


The very next reveal of the town’s bullies is not so friendly. They’re seeing holding down Ben, literally scarring him for life thanks to Henry’s knife-work. Worse than this, a pair of adults roll by in their car, take in the scene … and do nothing to save Ben. The infamous red balloon rising in the backseat of their car serves as a reminder that “It” is not just Pennywise the clown but a pervasive darkness and evil that spreads through the town to its greatest depths.

Our heroes get clued in to the town’s dark history thanks to Mike telling them of his grandfather’s belief that Derry’s is cursed.

Ben follows up with some library research and comes across local stories telling of the Kitchener Ironworks explosion of 1906, which claimed more than 100 lives. There’s also what appears to be a mention of the Bradley Gang shootout, in which the townspeople of Derry ambushed a group of outlaws in broad daylight, but then pretended it never happened. The entity known as “It” played a role in every major tragedy that befell the town.

This is just one of many jump scares and full Pennywise reveals scattered throughout this trailer.

One of the movie’s climactic sequences takes place deep underground in the town’s sewer system. If you look closely, you can see old toys and children’s clothing collected here, along with what look like marks made by nails against the grimy walls…

Beverly, too, appears to have suffered some battle damage as well, though it’s nowhere near as severe as what Ben has gone through. Expect all of our heroes to make it out with a few scrapes, if they make it out at all.

Presumably in the House on Neibolt Street here. There’s something carved into the furniture in the background but I can’t quite make it out .

Down in Pennywise’s lair, the creature’s powers are obviously at their strongest. Beverly quickly finds this out just as the other Losers find here.