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top 10 cute animals that can actuallykill you yeah all of us love animals wefeel pure admiration when watching themand no one can stay indifferenthowever we could never have imaginedthat some of the nicest looking onesmight seriously harm us in this videobright side will tell you about 10adorable but very dangerous animals tomake you feel a little bit betterwe made a bonus at the end of the videocounting down from number 10 leopardseal ah these guys look so cutethat you certainly wouldn’t expect anyharm from them after all they can evensmile their mouths are curved upwardswhich creates the illusion of a grin orsmile leopard seals have a very diversediet they eat krill different kinds offish marine mammals and king and evenemperor penguins so basically there isalmost nothing they can’t eat keep thisin mind when you want to swim with thiscutie a short time ago a biologist wasdragged 200 feet below the surface by aleopard seal the person died and theintentions of the animal are not clearcharges were never filed against thesealnumber nine panda who doesn’t findpandas cute we don’t believe such peopleexist tell us in the comment section ifwe are wrongpandas looks so innocent and helplessthat they became a symbol of peace andkindness their dark eyes make you wantto hug them however you better not messwith a pandaif you accidentally cross its territoryor if it senses any kind of danger apanda can seriously hurt youthey look cuddly but they are verystrong and they have powerful jaws theirteeth can give you a very bad bite andthey can chase you for a very long timedefinitely longer than you can run theyclimb and swim professionally wow theyget paid so there is no way to escapefrom them no matter how cute they lookpandas are still bears and what do weknow about bears right stay away fromthem number eight Swan someone’s makeupfor a significant part of romanticimagination we associate them with truelove because they are so graceful andwhat should we never forget about loveit hurtsWow these creatures can damage you ifthey feel a threat there was even a casewhere a man drowned because of a swanattack the bird charged the man’s boatand capsized it and after the man triedto swim to the shore The Swan blockedhim so don’t try to feed swans withsomething tasteless or give them areason to think you are interested intheir nestremember they are watching you numberseven anteaterand no this is not the creature whodevours your uncle’s wife you had tothink about this didn’t youanteaters look rather scruffy anddefinitely harmless because hey theydon’t even have teeth they mostly eatinsects citrus and avocados Wow anteaterguacamole how could such an animal hurta human however please pay attention toits claws it mainly uses them toexcavate food but of course it won’thesitate to use them to defend itself itcan do incredible harm with just oneswipe and eaters have very poor visionso if you frightened them they can cutyou with their pocket knives in 2014 twohunters were killed by an anteater thatwas defending itselfnumber six Tasmanian devilMusicwell this animal is famous for ourfavorite cartoon just look at it itlooks so funny and so cartoonish thatyou would never expect it to bedangerous however it has such a name fora reason these animals eat small preysuch as snakes fish birds and insectstheir tails store fat in case ofstarvation just like mine their teethare strong enough to eat even bones yesit does look a little bit like a molebut it’s way more dangerous TasmanianDevils are nocturnal animals which meansthey only hunt at night they have aperfect sense of smell and very goodcoordination so it’s very difficult tosee them number 5elephant despite the fact that elephantsare one of the biggest and strongestanimals we for some reason see them iskind and harmless creatures and to behonest we treat them in a very bad wayso maybe that’s why in recent years wesee more and more human deaths caused byelephant attacks it looks like a plannedrevengeremember they never forget now they areresponsible for about 500 human deathsper year don’t forget how intelligentelephants are the next time you want toride one of them and don’t forget to tipthem number 4 puffer fish this nice onebecomes the deadliest fish ever afterits own death you have probably heardabout the famous Japanese meal calledfugu this kind of dinner may be yourlastif the chef makes even the slightestmistake while removing the liver thething is the liver of the pufferfishcontains a neurotoxin that is 1,000times more powerful than potassiumcyanide so if you want to try this mealwithout it being your Last Supper go toa very good restaurant number 3 poisondart frog they look surprisinglybeautiful and charming for frogs butthis is the case where appearances aredeceptive there are a few types ofpoison frogs and the level of toxicityvaries they can be yellow copper greenred blue and black but the mostdangerous kind is golden it can easilykill 10 adults if they touch it so keepthis rule in mind in wild nature thebrightest colors are the most dangerousonesnumber two dolphin this information mayreally shock you but we have to face thetruth the animals that you thought werevery cute that seems so nice to swimtogether in a swimming pool that do allthose cool tricks you see on TV can becruel murderers along with us humansbottlenose dolphins are the only speciesthat we know of that can kill with nonatural reason dolphins definitely havehigh intelligence which unfortunatelysometimes results in harm they don’tkill humans often but we recommendthinking twice before approachingdolphins especially in the wild unlikeprevious animals that we told you aboutthey might even attack you without anygood reason or they might just want tosee you leap out of the pool for a deadfish and number 1 slow loris ahh justlook at those eyes is there anythingcuter if you want to hug one of thesenocturnal primates you need to go to thecountries in the area of Indonesiahowever there is something you shouldknow before you buy the ticket slowloris is the only venomous primate inthe world if this cutie bites you youshould know that it wasn’t an accidentinterestingly unlike snakes for exampleloris have poison in their elbows so inorder to give a poisonous bite they needto suck some poison from the elbow ifyou get bitten you may experienceanaphylactic shock and other reallydangerous health conditions scientistssay that loris mimic cobras soundsreally terrifying you little monstersand now as we promised a bonus if youare really fun of cute animals but theyturned out to be outrageously dangerousyou can get toy versions of them suchcute things will make your day betterwhy don’t we try that slow loris forexample whoo do you know any other cutebut very dangerous animals no not thatguy at the end of the bar share in thecomment section belowsend this video to your friends so thatthey are safe and don’t forget to clicksubscribe to join us on the bright 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