Too propaganda that 1984 is a totalitarian government, being

Too much government control can be a bad thing. Too much control equals too much power. A democratic government is where citizens can have freedom, liberty, and rights. Where are those needs in 1984? The author of 1984, George Orwell, illustrates the dangers of too much government control. In this dystopian novel, Winston, a protagonist knew that there was too much government control and witnessed rebellious errors that developed into a totalitarian government. Alone, Winston pursues his own freedom and then sacrifices his own ideas and liberty for his own safety and life. Orwell uses literary devices in his novel, propaganda, oxymoron, and paradox that persuades that too much government control determined to society.In 1984, Orwell uses propaganda. Propaganda is used to show how there is too much government control. Specifically, propaganda is used to influence attitude, beliefs, and behavior. In the novel, one thing the grabbed Winston’s attention is a poster in the street saying, “Big Brother is watching you” (Orwell 2). The propaganda from the beginning shows that the government is pushing fear towards the citizens of Oceania by every telescreen and poster with propaganda on it. Along with the Ministry of Truth where Winston works, spreads propaganda that supports Big Brother and the party agenda. Based on the telescreen or poster that is presented, citizens are to believe what is shown millions of times. Given this information by the government, people had the tendency to accept the information and this is how the government digs itself into a no freedom, overpowered controlled government. Overall, in the novel, Orwell warns the reader using propaganda that 1984 is a totalitarian government, being Big Brother attacking people’s mind. Propaganda will win, the world will be like the party that defines it and reality itself would not exist. The second literary device Orwell uses in his novel is an oxymoron. Using oxymoron is to make dramatic effect, titles, speeches, and can achieve comedic effects. In clarification, an oxymoron is a statement which is contradictory, but in reality, contains truth. For example, “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength” (Orwell 16). This oxymoron holds different meanings to different people which gives power to the government. In 1984, the inner party knows the exact meaning that is Oceania is still at was the masses are able to send their anger at the enemy but at the party. So the inner party enjoys the freedom from the government while the outer party suffers. Altogether, war equaling peace goes to war and massive power and freedom. Freedom equaling slavery just clarify that freedom is an illusion. Ignorance equaling strength means that the countries citizens need the information to be controlled. The meaning behind the slogan shows that the government is overpowering and that its an abuse of power.Last, Orwell uses paradox that proves that there is too much government control. Particularly, a paradox is used to illustrate an opinion or statement contrary to accept traditional ideas. In the novel, the paradox lies in the name of “Ministry of Love.” Appearing to contradict reason or expectation. Ministry of love creates love, not a place that uses pain and humiliation to remake citizens. During Winston’s interrogation and brainwashing session, O’Brien exposed the truth about Ministry of Love. In detail, “By the time we had finished with them they were only shells of men.There was nothing left in them except the sorrow for what they had done, and love of Big Brother” (Orwell 255). The exposed truth of the Ministry of Love was paradox itself, to paradox Big Brother they had to get rid of love for everything. This became an act of too much government control, it takes people from forming relationships by building suspicion of others and blind adherence to the party goals of 1984. Due to this paradoxy, the Ministry of Love is full of torture to the citizens of Oceania. As for the couple, Winston and Julia, the torture given had Winston betray Julia because he gave up on resisting. Due to the power of the government and Big Brother, Winston needed hope and he turned to Big Brother, whom he loved in the end. Today, the government is watching us. At casinos, banks, airports, at traffic lights, etc. We are being watched, allegedly for crime prevention purposes. In connection to 1984, Big Brother is always watching as for the government and the police are always watching. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), “a license plate reader captures and collect license plate numbers, date, time, and location of every scan.” Also, ACLU states that “As this technology gets more deployed, the records of your movements will become richer and richer.” Soon our government will be close to being overpowering. Like in 1984, cameras are out to see your every movement and record every word you say. The book 1984, is a good warning of what might happen to the world with too much government control.Altogether, propaganda, oxymoron, and paradox show that there is too much government control detrimental to society. In 1984, propaganda shows that the government is being overpowered by pushing influence to citizens by attitude, beliefs, and behavior. Oxymoron shows a slogan that contains truth and it has different meanings behind it. Different people have different understandings, it ensures the repeating of the government’s power and control. Paradox, appearing to contradict of reason or expectation. In 1984, The Ministry of Love takes people from forming love and that shows how there is way too much government control. Just like today, we have security cameras in public places connected to the eyes of the government. They can have much more power if we let them overpower us. A government with a lot of power is not healthy for its citizens and we do not need its overpowering eyes.