Today reprimand of actions does not work the teacher

Today we live in the 21st century in the
word of modern technologies and modern teaching methods. And it is far in the
past when physical punishment was used to discipline the learner. Now teachers
can apply just detentions or reprimands as a punishment or warning. And in this
essay I am going to look at some points how the teacher should behave while
making reprimands and what they should reprimand actions or the person.
However, I think that verbal reprimand of actions must be enough for learners.

There are some rules written and not written about
making reprimands. And they consider that while rebuking the guilty the teacher
should reprimand directly addressing to one student directly. First of all, the
name of the defaulter must be said. Then teacher gives the description of the
violated rule and directions what to do in order to correct the mistake.
Moreover, the teacher should not forget to tell what consequences are waiting
the student if he/she doesn`t behave appropriately. Teachers should always
remember that they are not supposed to shout and a good look in the eyes in
calm might be more effective. N this situation we are reprimanding just

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But sometimes reprimanding actions are not enough to
control the situation. Some teachers start to reprimand person. Even if they
dare to rebuke person teachers should be careful not to insult students. There
can be situations when learners are not impressed by verbal reprimands of
actions and continue to misbehave however, the teacher made a remark and
threatened for several times. It can be due to their families which are
dysfunctional where they are used to listen to abuse. In this case, verbal
reprimand may not be effective.

All in all, I can say
that teachers should be very careful in making reprimands and try to not make
them about persons. Rebuking the child can back them in a corner and this can
affect this psychology and behavior. If verbal reprimand of actions does not
work the teacher should better call for the parents of misbehaved children and
take further action in collaboration with them.