To to a research by Richardson and Fluker (2004)

To begin, one of
the ever pressing situation caused by tourism is  environmental issues some examples being
global warming, air pollution and deforestation. Environmental issues are harmful
effects caused by humans. Damaging the earth in the long run causing
temperatures all around the globe to rise. Climate disasters are also on the rise
because of global warming. Certain environmental damage like carbon dioxide is
released by burning fossil fuels, wood and natural gases. Resulting harm not
just to our health but to earth, thus contributing to global warming. According
to a research by Richardson and Fluker (2004) “We played a big part in global
warming by changing the way energy from the sun interacts with and escapes from
earth’s atmosphere resulting a rise in earth’s temperature. Scientists warns us
of the increased in dangers from global warming.” Some being, heavier rains and
tropical cyclones and it is to affect life in parts of worlds. Diseases such as
malaria and others will spread more rapidly to warmer climate parts of the
world. Including the melting of ice and increasing expansion in sea water,
resulting in rise of sea levels threatening small islands including popular
tourist spot Maldives. Air pollution also plays a big role of pollution in
tourist sites as it requires a lot of transport essentials such as coaches,
cars, planes, trains and ship. Air pollution is causing a huge damage in the
natural environment, notably the effects of acid rains in certain areas.

Factors affecting human throats and lunges are attributed to poor air quality
intake causing respiratory problems such as bronchitis, skin irritation and
rashes. Base on findings by Richardson and Fluker (2004) “World wide transport
is responsible for 25 percent of the fossil fuels consumption around the world.”
Next contribution to environmental issues regarding tourism is deforestation.

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The destruction of trees and wild lives have been pursued vigorously throughout
history for a number of reasons.  One
reason being that tropical rainforest acts as powerhouse for a huge amount of
animals, responsible for most of the evolution in our history. Tourism is also
responsible for the extinction of animals and plants. Findings by Goeldner and
Richie (2006) “Types of attractions includes theme parks, national states parks
and other recreational lands all contributes to the need of space”. Studies
shows an estimation that the Indonesia Sumatra’s forest will disappear within
the next 20 years. Most country choose deforestation as it is a cheaper way to
create more land in their country to accommodate the spaces needed for a
tourist attraction, thus affecting the health of citizens residing in their
country. Tourism in countries vastly contributes to the environment and this
contributes to a long series of global warming issues. Certain countries have
even came up with eco-tourism to cope and prevent environmental issues by
protecting special areas of heritage, nation parks and state forest with law
and certain communities was form with the agenda to prevent nature in mind.

With tourism contributing to most of global warming and pollution, it certainly
has a negative impact on earth thus we should take note on this and start
looking for improvement.