To the center of your relationship. We will just

To be blissfully married is to be blessed with a best friend
who loves to wake up next to you everyday. 
Someone who will stick with you through good and bad times, who will
make you laugh when you’re sad and laugh with you when you are overcome with joy.
We can say without a doubt that Sean and Kate have found that kind of love in
each other.


As your Mom and Dad, here is our prayers for you, Sean and

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We pray that you remain patient and kind to one another,
even on tough days.

We pray that years and decades from now, you will grow old
together and still remain in love with each other even more deeply than you
were on your wedding day.

We pray that through the years you will get to know more
about each other like uncovering a piece of treasure. You both have a whole
lifetime ahead of you creating millions of wonderful memories together.

A mother’s love for her child is unique, boundless and
limitless. I have always prayed for the best for my children and that they will
be surrounded by people who truly love them. My prayer for Sean has been heard
as I know that Kate would love Sean just as much as I love him.

Sean, you are fortunate to have found your soulmate in Kate
as I have found mine with Dad.

We are so happy and proud that both of you were able to
sustain your love for each other for 10 years. We know that long distance
relationship is difficult but we are glad that you have successfully survived
the challenge.

Sean, if I have not told you enough, then, I will tell you
now. That I am so proud of what you have become. You have remained to be a very
responsible and caring son and brother to your siblings. You have enough love
in your heart for us, your family, and Kate, who is now your wife. Even when
you were a child, I knew that you would become an amazing person.

To Kate, we are so grateful and welcome you with open arms as
now part of the Soriano family. We are glad and excited that another angel has
joined our family in addition to Dannah, our only girl.

Make God as the center of your relationship. We will just be
around to support you.