To temperature and pressure should be kept in the

sum up, as a consequence of corrosion, oil and gas facilities are lost together
with materials, resources, time, and reputation of company when problem is not
solved in time. If all necessary procedures are realized properly, the rate and
frequency of corrosion will be decreased. It is clear that risk always exists,
however, through realizing some operations it is possible to reduce or minimize
the risk so in order to obtain considerable results all necessary steps should
be carefully taken. As discussed earlier corrosion is caused by many reasons such
as environmental, mechanical factors, erosion, fluid flow regime and corrosive
substances and elements in fluid content which are inexorable in petroleum
industry. With analyzing all factors, these suggestions below can be given to
reduce corrosion rate or detect in time:

Engineering design, checking and testing
facilities from time to time are standing above any other responsibility. As
mentioned through discussion, the location of pipeline should be considered in
terms of physical and chemical characteristics then suitable material and
coating should be selected.

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content, temperature and pressure should be kept in the control on a day to day
basis. In order to decrease the corrosion rate due to cavitation caused by
turbulent regime pipe fittings should be designed so that minimum elbows are
used and in long pipeline the direction angle of the line should be small that
due to high speeds cavitation and coating erosion can be reduced in the sudden
bending sides.

In Bibiheybet oil field almost no acid
wash had been realized through production period and finally all production
string pulled and pipes are replaced. The author can suggest that after
formation of siderite the thickness of scale should be kept in balance through
acid wash and not allowing mechanical operations. In this way pitting and
scratching will be avoided which deteriorates pipe, at the same time scale
formation, also helps to prevent corrosion, for example, siderite formation on
surface of pipeline decreases corrosion rate.

To reduce erosion corrosion due to sand
production sand screens with suitable mesh size should be chosen to prevent
sand production together with desander and desilters during drilling and
transportation of fluid operation.

As cathodic protection is the cheapest
option it is more preferable to apply this for protection of oil tankers or
storage tanks.