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To open a purchase and payable setup in the search box type “purchase & payable setup” or from the role home center of your company click on:  departments?Purchase?administration after that in setups section you will find the “purchase & payable setup”. In the general Fast tab we fill only the relevant information related to our Purchase Order Management. Required information are explained below: 1. Receipt on Invoice: Select this option if you want to create purchase invoice related documents. If this option is not selected then only purchase invoice are created. Use this option if you wants to add all the item charges related information for the purchase invoice.   2. Return Shipment on Credit Memo: Select this option if you want to specify that return order related documents are created automatically while posting the purchase credit memos. If this option is not selected only purchase credit memos will be created. 3. Ext. Doc. No. Mandatory: Select this check box to prevent the posting of purchase documents (orders, invoices, and credit memos) as invoiced without an external document number in the document header (in the Vendor Invoice No. field in purchase orders and invoices, and in the Vendor Cr. Memo No. field in purchase credit memos). 4. Exact Cost Reversing Mandatory: Select this check box to indicate that the company wants the program to automatically align the cost of every item returned to the vendors with the original purchase entry. 5. Check Prepmnt. When Posting: If this check box is selected, it specifies that a warning message is shown when you receive or invoice a purchase order that has an unpaid prepayment amount. C. How to Create a Purchase Order Step by step process of creating a purchase order: For creating a purchase order and completing purchasing header  1. From The Home Screen Of your Role center click on Departments -?Purchase?Planning?Purchase Order. Ex: CRONUS India Ltd./Departments/Purchase/Planning/Purchase Orders 2. For creation of new purchase order, click on “NEW” to open a new purchase order creation window. 3. Press ENTER to automatically insert a purchase order number in the No. field. 4. Now select the vendor details In the “Buy-from Vendor No” to select the vendor from the items you gonna purchase. By clicking on the drop down list button u can select the particular vendor from the vendor master. (Note: After selecting the required vendor details in “Buy-from Vendor No” field all the required information get auto filled). 5. Insert the “Vendor Invoice No.” in the field of vendor invoice no. as it is a must to be insert credential for the purchase order. (This field is a mandatory field must be filled). 6. Purchase line: Purchase line is the field where we fill the required item details that, for we are placing the purchase order. In Purchase line we describe all the minimum fields required for the purchasing of the items like  1. Type: In this field we select what we want to purchase like  1. Item 2. Fixed Assets 3. G/L Account 4. Charge( items0 2. No: In this field select the identification no of the item or the selected type 3. Description: This field gets automatically updated with the reference to the previous   selected field  4. Location: In this field select the location where u want to store the items that you going to purchase. 5. Quantity: In this field fill the required quantity you want to purchase. 6. Reserved Quantity: This field Contains the total quantity of the item that must be reserved for the line. 7. Unit of Measure: this field automatically gets updated according to the selected item properties. 8. Direct Unit Cost Excl.Tax: This field gets filled automatically with the last unit cost of the item in the item card. 9. Line Amount Excl. Tax: the value in the Line Amount Excl. VAT field is automatically calculated as the Quantity * Direct Unit Cost Excl. 10. Qty to Receive: the Qty. to Receive fields are updated with the value that you entered in the Quantity field. 11. Qty. to Invoice: This fields are updated with the value that you entered in the quantity field. 12. Operation No: In this fields we can select the production order routing details to track the production order related items. 13. Planning Flexibility: In this field default flexibility is selected as unlimited. 14. Lead Time Calculation: In This Field we enter the details Related to the total time required by the order to be get delivered to your company that the purchasing agent need to be alerted. 15. Order Date: This field automatically gets updated with the system date and time. As it stores the information regarding the time and date details of posting the purchase order. 16. Planned Receipts Date: In this field we can schedule the receipt date on which it automatically receipt get to be generated. 17. Item Variants: in this field we can select the different variants for the item and according to that we can classify the item. 18. Department Code: In this Field you can assign the item to a particular department like Production depart, sales depart, administration deprt. 19. Project Code: In this field u can assign the particular items to a particular project. 20. Blanket order No.: Blanket order is an agreement between company and the vendor which involves the one item with multiple shipment orders with predefined quantity and price. 21. Bin Code: this field automatically get updated according to the bin assigned to the particular items or you can assign a bin to an item from the drop down list and you can also create a new bin for that menu by clicking on “New” option from there only.