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To achieve higher information security in cloud computing Multimodal bio cryptography techniques will be used for encryption and decipherment to avoid the intruders to access the info. In multimodal biometric system combining each fingerprint and iris is employed. The key’s derived directly from the fingerprint and iris used as a key for encryption and decipherment rule in cloud. In existing cloud environment secret based mostly authentication is employed as a key for secret writing and decipherment. The intruders will simply break the secret and ready to access the info in cloud setting. To overcome this issue multimodal biometric technique will be used a key to secure the info within the cloud setting. In our analysis work implementation of Multimodal Biometric system is employed as a key for secret writing and decipherment of information within the cloud setting. This approach is enforced using language of C. It will generate variable size key with minimum time complexness and better security that is with competence suited in real time cryptography. Solely approved person can access the info. —Biometric person identity authentication is gaining more and a lot of attention. The authentication task performed by a skilled may be a binary classification problem: reject or settle for identity claim. Combining specialists, every supported a distinct modality (speech, face, fingerprint, etc.), will increase the performance and robustness of identity authentication systems. During this context, a key issue is that the fusion of the various specialists for taking a final decision (i.e., settle for or reject identity claim). We propose to evaluate totally different binary classification schemes (support vector machine, multilayer perceptron, C4.5 call tree, Fisher’s linear discriminant, Bayesian classifier) to hold on the fusion. The experimental results show that support vector machines and Bayesian classifier reach nearly constant performances, and both crush the opposite evaluated classifier.Keywords: Cloud Computing, Data Security, Fingerprint Recognition, Iris Recognition, Cryptography, Multimodal Biometric Authentication.INTRODUCTION:Cloud computing is associate degree rising computing technology that uses the web and central remote servers to keep up knowledge and application. Knowledge security becomes additional and additional important in cloud computing. Cloud computing provides the thanks to share distributed resources and services that belongs to completely different organizations or sites. Since cloud computing share distributed resources via network within the open environments they it makes security problems. The information should be encrypted and unbroken safe with a highly-monitored and controlled access. Owing to inherent multi-tenancy and easy access at intervals a cloud, the information is subjected to various security risks that continues to be a significant concern. The user authentication, that is associate degree main a part of the cloud computing, determines solely the authorized user is to access the information. In existing system they used secret based mostly authentication. Password= Secret authentication code used for access but several of the limitations having secret based mostly authentication: Simple pass word straightforward to guess / crack. Complex passwords area unit tough to recollect. Most of the folks use same secret across in different applications and so, if single secret is compromised that the hacker will access all the information. Passwords area unit unable to produce nonrepudiation, that is, secret is shared with a fan, and there’s no thanks to grasp World Health Organization the particular user is, thus higher security is provided got to defend the information from unauthorized users. Biometric based mostly authentication can replace the secret based mostly authentication, because, life science is additional reliable than password based mostly authentication. As biometric character can’t be lost, forgotten, that are extremely tough to repeat, share and distribute. The person is to be gift at the time of authentication. It’s tough to forge life science. Every physiological or behaviour feature will be used as a biometric characteristic for private identification processes as long as they fulfill the subsequent requirements:Biometric technology identifies the user supported behavioral and psychological options for additional security. In physiological options like Fingerprint, Iris, Hand Geometry, Face Recognition, DNA Etc. Behavioral Features like Keystroke, Voice and written Signature. There square measure two forms of biometric system. Unimodal and Multimodal biometric system. In unimodal Biometric System single biometric sample is employed to acknowledge a user eg: (iris/fingerprint/retina scanner/face/palm) anyone of them used. Of sensitiveness to noise, intra class consistency, non-universality, lack of individuality, status to circumvention etc. to beat this issue multimodal biometric technique will be used. Multimodal Biometric System: two (or) additional biometric sample will be used from the same person to verify associate identity. Eg: (Fingerprint & Iris, Fingerprint & facial recognition/Dynamic signature verification) any combination of the higher than. Biometric system consists three steps: Enrollment Storage and comparison. Enrollment: initial time user will use a biometric system. It record the essential data regarding the user like name or id no. Then captures a picture of your specific attribute. Biometric sensing element that sight the characteristic being used for identification. Storage: A laptop that read and store the data. software package that analyze the characteristic and translate it into a code and perform the particular comparisons. Comparison: Next time user will use the biometric system. It compare the attribute. User will gift to the data on file then it either accept or reject. Multimodal biometric system can even several blessings over unimodal biometric system. Multimodal Bio cryptographic technique: In our analysis work planned Multimodal Bio cryptographic technique like fingerprint and iris will be used as a key for encryption and secret writing in cloud environment. Fingerprint and Iris that square measure stable, unique, unchanged, no 2 folks will have a similar actual fingerprint or iris pattern and security level is additionally terribly high.Cryptography technique: the initial text is regenerate into cipher text exploitation coding key. The cipher text is converted to original key along solely secret writing. Our proposed work exploitation bio cryptographic technique like fingerprint and iris is employed to boost the safety level and to protect the information from unauthorized users.