Title: of the Holocaust.Counterclaim: Human use a good portion

Title: The Emotional Roller CoasterDescribe your real-life situation:The American Comedian known as Bill Cosby has been the subject of publicized sexual allegations. With the earliest incidents allegedly taking place in the mid-1960s, Cosby has been accused by numerous women of rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, or sexual misconduct. Cosby has maintained his innocence and repeatedly denied the allegations.State your central knowledge question:How does emotion affect the validity of personal knowledge?Explain the connection between your real life situation and your knowledge question:The connection between my real-life situation and knowledge question is that incidents can affect one’s memory by creating false images because of the person’s emotion. Putting that into the perspective of my RLS, due to the woman being raped, they might be emotionally unstable when asked to speak about the incident. Maybe causing them to falsely remember some things.Outline how you intend to develop your TOK presentation in the context of your real-life situation. Include analysis of your main knowledge question and related knowledge questions as well as arguments and perspectives. Responses can be presented in continuous prose or as a list of points:Claim: Personal knowledge cannot be reliable due to the influence of emotion.Perspective: Bill Cosby claims that the accuracy of personal knowledge is flawed due to emotional history.Counterclaim: Personal knowledge is reliable when initially tested using proper procedures.Perspective: A victim’s lawyer claims that personal knowledge can sometimes be unreliable. However, to prove shared knowledge, you would need evidence and multiple accusations.Evaluation: The false accusations of Bill Cosby’s case could be attributed to the emotional state that the victim is in. Being trauma, stress, anger, etc.RLS: Jewish people speak about their memories of the horrors of the Holocaust.Counterclaim: Human use a good portion of memory when creating valid and reliable shared knowledge through interviews.Perspective: Holocaust Researchers claim that study has established the validity of the individuals’ personal knowledge on the events taken place.Rebuttal: Your Memory Is Unreliable, and Science Could Make It More So. … Human memory is famously unreliable, especially when it comes to details. Scientists have found that causing/reminding an eyewitness to remember more can create details that are completely false but that feel just as correct to the witness as actual memories.Show the significance of your conclusions with particular reference to your real-life situation and indicate how those conclusions might be relevant to other real-life situations:Memory is a defective reproduction of our mental encounters, defenseless to being affected by our earlier learning, convictions, objectives, mental state, feelings, and social setting. … Long haul memory is the capacity of data over an inconclusive timeframe. Therefore the victim of the rape allegations that currently haunts Bill Cosby, or the Jewish person that lived through the Holocaust might actually remember some things that feel just and real as any other memory but is falsely ingrained into their brain.Word count: