Tips Know about each other: Try to know everything

Tips to
make better relationship with best friends

1.     Know about
each other: Try to know
everything about each other, even secrets. This strengthen your friendship.

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2.     Accept the
differences: Everyone is
different, as the time passes dynamics of friendship change, we should accept
those differences for long lasting friendship.

3.     Build Trust: Keep secrets, respect your
friend’s identity,
stand beside your friend when he/she needs you. All these things will build the trust between both of you and
trust is most important factor in any relationship.

4.     Spend
quality time together: Even on phone or being in person with your friend

5.     Support in
tough time: Helping
your friend in tough time deepens your friendship. “A real friend is tested during bad

6.     Maintain
Contact: If your
friend moves in any other city or country, call them, chat with them or do a
video call regularly, be really interested in about that how your friend’s life is going on. Meet them personally whenever it is
possible for you to meet. If you are busy and still you try to be available for your
friends, it strengthens your bond.

7.     Avoid Miscommunication: Sometimes it happens that a
situation comes when your friend misunderstand you, communicate with your
friend properly and clarify everything because proper communication is the key.

8.     Make your relation
a priority: In a conflict, there are three type of situations, first is
right, second is wrong and third is friendship. It can be a matter of money or
proving yourself right. Stay calm in these situations and find a solution.
Avoid saying something to your friend for which you would regret later.

9.     Solve conflicts
with maturity: Never blame your friend for everything because they will
feel that you don’t consider as a friend from heart. Find a solution which is
favorable for both. If you need to compromise in friendship, you should do it except
maintain your dignity and self-respect. Ego should never spoil your friendship