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Tipping point could be explained as a dichotomy between a crisis situation and a positive outcome.In “tipping point”, Malcolm Gladwell(2000) explains tipping point to be a “moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point”(pg.409). He explains it as a “moment of great senstivity and that changes made at tipping point can have enormous consequences “(pg.409). He gives various examples to explain tipping point and how ideas, products, messages and behaviours can spread like viruses too.Gladwell begins by explaining about fashion trends and the fact that “little causes can have big effects” (pg.406) just as it did for hush puppies where the fad became so famous after reaching that tipping point of popularity, Moving on to explain about decrease in crime rate and disease epidemics.Tipping point for all of these as explained was epidemics in action where “the underlying characteristics were contagiousness, the fact that little causes can have big effects and change happens not gradually but at one dramatic moment”(pg.405) just as it did for hush puppies being famous from just teenagers wearing it and spreading the fad, just as a handful of people spreading a disease to cause a epidemic, just as a product such as fax machine and cellphone starting and reaching a tipping point. In conclusion, it takes a few people to cause a massive shift in society by behaving a certain way which is contagious and attractive to people. Whether that being in the examples given by the author or any other examples that we see in everyday life where people are willing to change due to examples that are set by someone and their openness and mindset to follow that path. A perfect example is the ice bucket challenge that was started with one person and spread throughout the internet like a virus. In the end, a single change can spread to create a synergistic effect which will lead to the world changing in different ways.