Timeline: Portland and had Starbucks brand in US. They


The first Starbucks store is opened in Seattle, Washington the year of
1971. This Starbucks Company is organized with three partners Jerry Baldwin
(English teacher), Gordon Bowker (writer), and Zev Siegl  (history teacher).

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1982 – 1985: In the year of 1982 Howard
Schultz directs Starbucks. He traveled to Italy to experience and to get new
knowledge of the coffee house. He convinces that he is the founder of Starbucks
in the year of 1985.


1987: Schultz that had been felt in love
with the uniqueness of the coffee house in Italy. The Starbucks Company is
bought by him and rebrands the coffee house. Because of all this Starbucks began
to grow rapidly.


1993 – 1995: In the year of 1993 Starbucks had opened thousands of stores in
America. Then announces that the company shareholders to their holdings.


1996 – 1998: They developed and made bottle of coffee drinks. Starbucks
store is opened the first store out side America which in Japan, Singapore, and


Starbucks have had obtain Tazo tea to develop based on Portland and had
Starbucks brand in US. They launched Starbucks.com to cooperate the coffee
house chain.


– 2004: Starbucks is promoted to the president and chief. The Starbucks
developed in partnership internationally and it have achieved the best Seattle
coffee company and coffee brands.


– 2007: Paper beverage cup is being launched by Starbucks industry to safe
trees. Drinks in Starbucks already used the fresh milk for all beverages to


2008 – 2009: In the year of 2008 Starbucks
launched an online community and expands the business in worldwide. Starbucks
card and mobile payment is invented to enlarged the brand in social.


2010 – 2015: Not only coffee Starbucks now
developed to have handcrafted smooties. Starbucks have developed to have a
college plan to earn a bachelor degree and tuition from the school.