Ties, medication. It is easy to keep all of

Ties, scribbles, checklist, and sticky notes are some few methods people use to remind themselves of their daily medication. They are countless ways once one can reminder themselves of their medication. When it comes to our family’s health we need something that is organized and reliable. With medisafe medication app you can be certain that your loved one are staying on top of their meds. This award-winning app is far more than just a pill organizer. Medisafe can organize medication for your entire family. It simplifies complex schedule impossible to forget. If your parent skips a dose, you will be notified with a simple notification. Then you are able to motivate and remind them that they need to take their daily medication. It is easy to keep all of your medication organized and a progress report just a tap away. in this case you are easily able to share your report with your primary doctor to keep track of how you are doing. 

     The app is simple, easy, reliable, and patient friendly to use. There is no requirement to who can use the app but it is mostly design for older patient above 55 years old. Once you create your account you can add all of your prescriptions, pharmacy location, doctor information etc. 

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