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Throughout these next few pages There will be Facts and information about Flying Aces. There  will also be quotes about what makes them aces, why they are called Aces, What Ace means, and what they do during combat. Flying Aces are military aviators credited with shooting down enemy aircrafts during aerial combat. “The term first appeared in 1915 when French newspapers described Adolphe Pegoud as a flying ace after he became the first pilot to shoot down five German aircraft.” The actual amount of aerial victories needed to be known as an ace is five or more. “Erich Hartmann also known as  “Bubi” or “The Black Devil” was the Ace of all aces”. He has had more victories than any other Ace. German Luftwaffe pilot, Erich Hartmann, had 352 confirmed kills in total. An Ace is a person who excels at a particular sport or other activity, which in this case it flying and bringing down enemy pilot/ planes. Plains played a very big role in WWI. There weren’t a lot of plains when it all started. In May, 1915 as they discovered how to work machine guns and actually shoot straight ahead a thing known as Dog fights were started it was  basically when two enemy pilots fire missiles at one another to take each other down. Early Plains  didn’t have weapons unless you created your own personal weapon to add.Source: BookPilots: Pilots back then were daring, brave, respectful of each other and cocky because “many people looked up to them as heroes everywhere they went”. Fighter pilots were expected to live for only a couple of weeks while in combat because it was very dangerous. During combat you could have at least lived for 40-60 hours before being killed this was mostly in the beginning. There was a certain rule and that rule included loyalty and friendship this was common even with the enemy. “When enemy aces pass, there rival pilots go to there homebase dipping there wings of their planes to show respect”, or they send notes and/or flowers to the family. War Facts: The war had produced a lot of Aces. Baron Manfred von Richthofen, Also known as the Red Baron was the top ace, “He shot down 80 enemy pilots, Rene Fonck shot down 75, Edward Mannock shot down 73, Billy Bishop shot down 72, and America’s top ace Eddie Rickenbacker shot down 26 enemy aircrafts”.In the war there were two types of clothing aces would wear.  “Pilots flew in open cockpits.” The pilots wore balaclavas, soft leather jackets, sheepskin-lined leather  gloves to keep out the cold.” Bombs were not necessarily professional at first there weren’t any until they were made by hand but in the book WWI Simon Adams pg35, It says ” The first bombs were literally dropped over the side of the aircraft by the pilot.” So basically there wasn’t a professional type of weapon until a long time after. Thes paragraphs Prove a lot of things like the fact that Flying aces have to shoot down at least five enemy pilots, also you must wear certain clothes and  be able to shoot straight ahead to hit your target. These are very important facts  about flying aces how they work and what they are, Also that most pilots have a limited period of time before there death.  Most of all the fact that there was a lot of challenges to be faced for example the  missiles, plains, death, killing and many other challenges to be faced during this time.