THREE transaction takes place it automatically cause another transaction

THREE CONCEPTS OF MIS                                                                                                     1 Three Concepts Of MISCampbellsville UniversityAvinash Babu YandrapuTHREE CONCEPTS OF MIS                                                                                                     2Management Information System (MIS) is the investigation of individuals, innovation, associations, and the connections among them. MIS experts enable companies to acknowledge most extreme advantage from interest in work force, gear, and business forms. It actually makes the life of people easy.Transaction Processing System(TPS)Take an electronic store and it may contain lot of items say some 20,000 and people come to buy them return them or exchange them or they want to find about the warranty of the items they previously bought all these are called transactions. Following those transactions is known as transaction processing. So if a transaction takes place it automatically cause another transaction so for example a customer bought an iPhone and he paid for it with the help of cash but the transaction was showing incomplete so the cash in the counter is more and in the iPhone inventory one phone is less so TPS will link those two things together and checks the authenticity of any transaction.Decision Support System(DSS)Decision support system is nothing but a software which helps the end user in making a decision as the name suggest. The territories tended to may incorporate establishments, usefulness, THREE CONCEPTS OF MIS                                                                                                     3interfaces, execution, effects, and assessment of choice DSS. Original copies can be taken with various techniques and systems, like choice hypothesis, financial aspects, insights, PC upheld helpful work, information base administration, semantics, administration science, numerical displaying, operations administration, intellectual science, brain research, UI administration, and others. There are different types of DSSs like model driven, data driven, knowledge driven, document driven. Expert SystemExpert system is nothing but a computer program which in collaboration with the artificial intelligence which in turn helps you in solving a problem in a specific field. The name was first coined five decades. It relies on two things one is knowledge base and the other one is inference engine.The first one is nothing but a group of detailed system requirements or processes. Where as the second one analyzes the knowledge base and gives you the required output. You collect data from the people who have experience in the field in which you want to implement the expert system. References THREE CONCEPTS OF MIS                                                                                                     4