Though competition within the Southeast Asia Region is crucial.

Though the U.S still stands on top world economic
and military, the rising of Chinese political and economic power in the world
became a threat to the power potential of the U.S. To balance the China’s
dominant political and economic power in the Southeast Asia region, Obama’s
regime has launched the new foreign policy essentially to maintain U.S.
dominance in the ASEAN region. The power competition within the Southeast
Asia Region is crucial. The U.S has established closed relations with all ASEAN
countries and based the military troops Within the region, except Myanmar.

U.S has concerns about the Chinese investment in the rail and marine route
projects which can create a shortcut from China to the Middle East and Europe
through northeast mountains to the western coast of Myanmar. These routes can
give contested to South China Sea. In these regards, the U.S urgently needs to
engage its power expansion in the Southeast Asia region and the countries in
these region mutually play in vital role.Although China’s expansion of power towards Southeast Asian
countries through economic ties creates social and economic stability in the
region, its broad land and sea policy generates towards the South China Sea
generates issues between China and some ASEAN countries along the costal of the
South China Sea.

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the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the South China Sea covers an area of
3.4 million square kilometers made up of scattered island groups. As the
maritime link between the Middle East and Western countries, the South China
Sea is important for international trade. In addition, because of its maritime
products, natural gas and oil the countries on its coastal line countries such
as China, Vietnam, Taiwan, The Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei claimed on it. To  ensure China’s  one-ocean state from two-osceans (Pacific and
Indian Ocean) policy, maintaining the good relations with the ASEAN countries.
Although there are power struggle between China and ASEAN on South China Sea,
economic relations between the parties has developed. China approach to ASEAN
is mainly based on peaceful means and respect to each territorial integrity.
China needs the Southeast Asia is especially for its expansion of power through
economic cooperation as well as for its energy security. 

U.S Tresurary Department data indicates that China owns the largest amount of
U.S debt and its jumped $44 billion to $1.15 trillion in June. Moreover, the
total shared amount of  ASEAN trade with
China is higher than that of the U.S. According to  ASEAN Secretariat data, as of November 2016,
while total trade value  between
ASEN-China is $ 345764 U.S millions while $ 212343 U.S  million between U.S and ASEAN. The United
States needs the Southeast Asia region 
to maintain economic, security and strategic interests with the emerging
power of China.Peaceful cooperation and relations between US
and China is important for the world peace and development. The US and China
relations has been always a mix of cooperation and competition. Southeast
Asia region plays strategically for the power rivalry between the China and the
U.S. The power expansion of these two world powers could create political
issues in the region. However, as the world powers, the China and the U.S have
to cooperate in global issues such as climate change and global warming,
environmental issue, terrorism, human rights and other international  problems. The ASEAN mutually could collect
economic and political opportunities of these two powers.