This ties with their past homeroom instructor, including the

This is an anime review of an anime entitled “Assassination Classroom” or “Ansatsu Kyoushitsu”. I have been watching this anime since last year, I am done watching it’s season 1, and I’m still watching it’s season 2 till now. I don’t want to finish watching this anime fast because it’s a good anime. The genre of this anime are comedy and science fiction. I have chosen Assassination classroom as a part of my blog because it is an anime that I like but I do not want to see how it ends, and this anime has a special place in my heart.This is the Story of Assassination Classroom: Earth is debilitated by an immensely effective octopus-like creature who pulverized 70% of the Moon with its energy, for all time severing it into the state of a sickle. The beast guarantees that inside a year, Earth will likewise be pulverized by him, however he offers humankind an opportunity to turn away this destiny. In class 3-E; the End Class of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, he begins functioning as a homeroom instructor where he shows his students normal subjects, as well as the methods for assassination. The Japanese government guarantees a reward of ¥10 billion to whoever among the students prevails with regards to slaughtering the beast, whom they have named “Koro-sensei” . However, this has turned out to be a relatively unimaginable errand, as not exclusively does he have a few superpowers available to him, including the limit of moving at Mach 20, however he is additionally the best educator they have ever had, helping them to enhance their evaluations, as well as their individual aptitudes and points of view for what is to come. As the arrangement goes on, the whole circumstance gets much more muddled as different professional killers come after Koro-sensei’s life, some desiring the reward, others for individual reasons, and students  in the end take in the privileged insights including him, the Moon’s annihilation and his ties with their past homeroom instructor, including the genuine motivation behind why he should be slaughtered before the finish of the year term.I really like the story of this anime because it shows how important a teacher can be, at first they all want to kill him, his students are scared to him, but as their school year ends, they became really close to their Koro-sensei. All of them became sad after knowing the story of their Koro-sensei. The have realized that why would they try to kill the best teacher they’ve had. Just like in real life, all of us have undergo that stage where we really hate our teacher and we are really scared of our teachers until we realized that our teachers sacrifice just to share us their knowledge. Many things in this anime are related to real life. I can relate to many things in this anime because I am a student, it shows that we should always treasure the memories that we have with our classmates, it does not matter how the other classes look at your class. What matters is that you have unity in your class together with your teachers. It also shows that everyone have their own talents and specialties, we should not underestimate other people because everyone has a talent.I rate this anime a 10/10 even tho I have not finished it yet. 🙂