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This review paper provides a current perspective of the potential of Silica nanoparticles  Applications. Silica nanoparticles have been extensively developed since the discovery of mesoporous materials due to their Unique features such as large surface area, tunable pore diameter, controlled particle size and morphology, excellent biocompatibility, offer great advantage. Contributions in biomedical field, agricultural, food industry and catalytical field have been made silica nanoparticles like magic bullets. The encaptulation of the different bioactive molecules for wide range of application has made it a ubiquitious material which increases the efficiency, specificity, target delivery, bioavailability, biocompatibility of different bioactive compounds. The silica nanoparticles have evolved from the feild of nanotechnology to different fields of science and engineering. Hence, they have a wonderful approach for the application in the different field like drug delivery, diagnostic and imaging agent, and target drug delivery in the treatment in cancer. One of the most valuable feature of silica nanoparticles is the use of them to merge different materials, to combine various functionalities, that is to say to act as a basis to obtain multifunctional medicine dedicated nano platforms enabling multimodal imaging and simultaneous diagnosis and therapy. MSNPs are promising nanocarriers to efficiently transport and site-specifically deliver highly toxic drugs, like chemotherapeutic agents with site specific characteristics to kill only tumor cells. Mesoporous silica nanoparticles have become excellent nano platforms to design smart drug delivery systems for biomedical applications. The silica nanoparticles have also contributed a huge development in the smart pesticides and mineral carriers for the plants in the agricultural field. . Thanks to the versatility and robustness of silica nanoparticles, multifunctional systems and smart materials have been proposed employing the platform of mesoporous silica nanoparticles for the purpose of the biosensors immobilized with different biomolecules for this purpose.