This need. Researching these companies packages and prices are

This VoIP method of phone service is becoming more popular because of the ease of use and the affordable price. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is using phone service over the internet, and seems it’s here to stay. When staying
1. Figuring Out Individual Needs
There are different types of VoIPs for different needs. So depending on what the needs of the individual are effects which company you choose. There are VoIPs that work better for personal use, such as being used as a home phone line. There are others that are better for businesses that are used by small business owners. Having a service that is compatible with your computer and internet is also essential.
2. Pricing & Packages
Once you decide what type of VoIP you want, what price you are willing to pay. Different companies have different pages based on what you need. Researching these companies packages and prices are important in choosing what will work for you. Some of the features included may be voicemail, 3 way calling, etc. Once you’ve found the right package with the price that fits, it’s important to look at how the service provider deals with their customers.
3. Customer Service
When there is a problem with the service, it is important to be able to get in contact with someone who can help. An important thing when choosing a VoIP service is to look into their reviews online to see the ratings and comments to see how they deal when there are problems. It’s important to know that the customer service contact is knowledgeable & easy to to get in touch with. 
4. Reliability & Quality
Doing research the service providers’ reliability is vital. No one wants a service that has a high percentage of down time. For example, you could have the cheapest service, but if it isn’t reliable then it really isn’t worth the savings. It’s also important to makes sure the service provider you choose has a good record when it comes to the quality of the calls.  When relying on this as a home or business phone, these are the most critical aspects. 
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