This installed all the components needed for mining crypto-currencies.

This article is the first of a series of 2 articles that will help you set up and configure your own rig to mine cryptocurrencies (ethereum, monero, zcash) and thus earn money .The mining rig will allow you to use several graphics cards dedicated to mining and connected to a motherboard. You will have much more computing power (hashrate) to mine cryptocurrencies.These items will allow all those who wish to seriously engage in mining to get a wealth of valuable information, to avoid bad investments and therefore to know in what one sets foot.Again, if you find this article far too technical do not hesitate to turn to the faucets to start smoothly or cloud mining to mine cryptocurrency without hardware. For starters we will first provide you with a list of the equipment you will need and the usefulness of each element. Indeed the mounting of a rig requires a number of elements that may be indispensable.This will allow you to define the budget that you will be ready to set on the completion of your mining rig and calculate your profitability accurately before you start. It will also take into account the course of the cryptocurrency (ethereum, monero, zcash that you will undermine.Material you will need to create a mining rig and mine crypto-currenciesMotherboard: This component is the centerpiece of your mining rig because it is on top that will be installed all the components needed for mining crypto-currencies. The essential data is to find the number of graphics cards that can accommodate the motherboard. Because the number of graphics cards will depend on the power you can generate and which will be needed for mining.The more graphics cards you have (all will depend on the model as well), the more crypto-currencies you can mine. The goal will be to find or buy a motherboard at a cheap price with a maximum PCI port.As a reminder a PCI port is a connection slot on which a graphics card will be connected so that it is recognized by the motherboard.Here are the models of motherboards that we advise you:1/Product Link: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P AMD 970 Socket AM3 + 1 x Ethernet 6 x USB 2.0 2 x USB 3.0Number of PCI express ports to install graphics cards: 5 PCI express portsAccepted processor model (Socket): AM3 + SocketRAM technology: DDR32/Product Link: Asus M5A97 R2.0 Carte mère ATX AMD Socket AM3Number of PCI express ports to install graphics cards: 6 ports PCI express Accepted processor model (Socket) :AM3+ Socket RAM technology: DDR33/Product Link:MSI Z170A Sli Plus Carte mère Intel ATX Socket LGA 1151Number of PCI express ports to install graphics cards:6 ports Accepted processor model (Socket) :PCI express lga1151 RAM technology:DDR4Power button (accessory): This item will allow you to power the motherboard in a convenient way. Indeed given the fact that the motherboard will be in the open air and we will not use a case you will not be able to use the power button of the latter. It is nevertheless possible to use a screwdriver to short circuit the two pins that correspond to the power of the motherboard.But if you find it painful the best is to plug a push button on the two power pins to turn on the motherboard with more simplicity and security.1/ SODIAL (R) PC Case Motherboard Power On / Off Push Button Switch Cable Connector 5pcsMemory card (essential): The memory module (Windows or Linux) is a necessary component for the proper functioning and stability of the operating system (Windows or Linux) that you will use to carry out your mining. The amount of memory you will have with your bars will not affect the performance of the mining.We would recommend 4GB of RAM, which is the recommended minimum DDR 3 or DDR 4.1/Product Link: HyperX Fury – HX316C10F – 4GB RAM – 1600MHz, DDR3, CL10 DIMM – BlueRAM technology: DDR 3Memory size: 4 GB2/Product Link: Ballistix Sport LT 4GB DDR4 2400 MT / s (PC4-19200) SR x8 DIMM 288-Pin – BLS4G4D240FSE (Red)RAM technology: DDR 4Memory size: 4 GBProcessor (CPU) (essential): The processor is a negligible material element in terms of mining. Although it is possible to mine with, graphics cards will be more appropriate in terms of performance and value for money. For your mining rig an entry-level processor will do the job and therefore will not have a significant weight in your budget.1/ Product link: AMD FD4300WMHKBOXSocket: AM3 +2/Product link: AMD FD6300WMHKBOX AMD FX Black edition processorSocket: AM3 +3/Product link: Intel Skylake Processor Pentium G4400 3.3GHz 3MB Socket Cover 1151 Box (LGA1151G4400)Socket: LGA1151Operating system (essential): It is the OS which makes the link between software and hardware of your mining rig, so you will need it if you want to start a mining program and undermine cryptocurrencies.Windows 10 Professional 32/64 bit – 1 station – ACTIVATION KEY ONLY(However, we will present you a Linux distribution specifically dedicated to mining  if again you have no problem to type command lines.)Thermal paste (essential): You will need thermal paste when laying the processor on the motherboard. Indeed the main purpose of this type of product is to optimize the dissipation of the heat generated by the processor during intensive operation. In addition you will also need it for the maintenance of your graphics cards if they start to heat up abnormally with the time spent to mine with.Although a new graphics card already has thermal paste spread on its chips (GPU) it will tend to wear out and dry after a very long use. It will therefore be necessary to renew the thermal paste so that your graphics cards find a second wind.1/Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Conductive Paste2/Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste 12g3/Arctic Silver – Processor Cleaning System – ArctiClean 60ml Kit4/Thermal Grizzly Spachtel for Wärmeleitpaste – 3 StückGraphics card (GPU) (essential): Here is the essential element and will be the most to study before mounting a rig. The graphics card will depend on your performance, so it will have a significant weight in the budget that you set.Indeed it is the graphics card that will allow you to solve cryptographic problems related to the creation of new quantities of cryptocurrencies. You will also learn that a good graphics card is not necessarily the most expensive and you need to know which ones have the best value for money.In terms of mining we evaluate the efficiency of a graphics card by its hashrate (a measure that expresses the speed with which the graphics card performs a calculation and returns a result) and therefore the higher the hashrate will be and the larger will be the quantities of crypto-currencies newly generated on the network.Below you will find the best models of graphics cards that will allow you to mine cryptocurrencies optimally:NameDescriptionHashrateConsumption (Average expressed in watts)AMD Rx Vega 64 8GB of RamThe new model of AMD’s graphics card.It replaces the 1080 Gtx model and provides similar characteristics in terms of mining.Ethereum : 30-40 MH/SGigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8G Graphics CardThe Russian graphics cards to undermine as Aleksei Stakhanov, the minor hero of the USSR.This graphics card produced by Nvidia will allow you to mine a hashrate between 30 and 40 MH / S.Ethereum : 30-40 MH/S240 wattAMD Rx 580 graphics cardIt replaces the RX 480 and it offers a higher hashrate to the latter with a price still unbeatable in the 200 euros.Ethereum : About 20 MH / S (without overclocking)185 WattAMD R9 390 graphics cardThis very powerful graphics card will allow you to obtain very good returns, especially for the mining of monero.Indeed, it offers a more consistent hashrate than the graphics cards presented below.If you have the means in terms of budget, this graphics card will satisfy you.Ethereum : Environ 30 MH/S275 WattAMD Rx 480 graphics cardFor those who can afford the Radeon rx 480 with 8GB Ram is the graphics card of the moment to mine ethereum, monero or even Zcash.The rate of hashrate is impressive for the price more you can indulge in the latest video games of the moment when you are not mining.For those who want to save less money do not hesitate to take the model of 4 GB which offers a hashrate rate a bit lower but that will cost you almost 100 euros less.Ethereum : About 20 MH / S (without overclocking)150 WattAMD Rx 480 graphics cardThe 4 GB ram model of this graphics card is similar in every way to the model shown above.It’s just the price that changes for only 200 euros you will have in your hands the most profitable graphics card on the market with an unbeatable price / quality ratio to mine the ethereum (the most profitable), the monero or even from the zcash.Ethereum : About 20 MH / S (without overclocking)Monero : About 580 H/S ( without overclocking )150 WattNvidia GTX 1060 graphics cardThis graphics card produced by Nvidia offers similar performance to AMD rx 480 and 580 models.Moreover, it consumes much less electricity while remaining profitable.Ethereum : About 20 MH / S (without overclocking)145 WattAMD Rx 570 graphics cardThis graphics card will be ideal for mining in addition to its features and its performance is very similar to the rx480 model.However the hashrate will be less but not much, making it a fairly effective graphics card for mining. But if you can add a little money I would recommend the model rx480 with 4 GB of Ram to be more profitable.Ethereum : About 20 MH / S (without overclocking)115 WattAMD Rx 560 graphics cardA model of Radeon for small budgets that will allow you to undermine the most profitable cryptocurrency market for a hundred euros only.Ethereum : About 10 MH/S ( without overclocking )90 WattNvidia GTX 750 Ti graphics cardHere is the graphics card for those who want to put the least money possible and actually for a hundred euros you will have a graphic card sufficiently competent for mining.The performance in hashrate will not be as good as the radeon models presented above but if your budget is limited this graphics card will be ideal to get you started in cryptocurrency mining at lower cost.Important Note: This graphics card has only 2GB video memory, it will not allow you to mine the ethereum. It will nevertheless remain interesting to mine monero at a lower cost.USB stick or SSD drive (required): Corresponds to your storage space and on which the operating system will be installed to start the mining session. A USB 3.0 stick or SSD (with a minimum of 8 GB of storage space for OS installation) should be provided for a quick and comfortable start.Moreover, it is better to avoid hard drives called conventional (mechanical) which are slower (read / write data) and tend to lose easily in performance over time and are therefore less reliable.1 / Kingston Technology – DTSE9G2 / 32GB – DataTraveler SE9 G2 – USB 3.0 Stick – 32GB – Silver2 / Kingdian 120GB 240GB 480GB with 128M SATAIII SSD solid state drive S200 60GB memoryScreen (accessory): You will obviously need a screen to view information that will scroll in real time regarding the mining session. Afterwards it will also be possible to connect the rig to your local network to administer remotely if you want to save on your budget.RJ-45 Ethernet cable (straight cable) (required): This item will be needed to connect your rig to your box or router to connect your rig to a mining pool and mine cryptocurrencies via your internet connection.Repeater signal wifi (accessory): If you want to install your rig in a room away from your box internet access, you will certainly need a WiFi repeater to improve the intensity and quality of the signal. You can then connect your rig to the repeater to have an optimal internet connection.If you want to save money you can also buy a straight RJ45 cable long enough to connect your rig to your internet access box.Keyboard and mouse (essential): To enter the launching commands and to expand comfortably with the graphical interface of the operating system of your rig, these elements seem to me essential.Riser PCI Express (essential): In addition to being essential, the riser will be primarily practical to connect multiple graphics cards on a motherboard. Indeed PCI express ports (which will be connected graphics cards) are very close to each other which poses a big problem of space to accommodate several graphics cards (not to mention the heat concentration).The riser which is presented as a removable express PCI port will therefore connect the graphics cards, arrange them in an orderly manner and well spaced from each other on any support.Power supply (essential): Without this element no electricity to feed the motherboard but also graphics cards that will allow you to mine cryptocurrencies. Since graphics cards are the elements that will be the most energy-hungry, it will be necessary to provide a sufficiently powerful power supply. In order to choose your power supply, take note of the power consumption (expressed in Watts) of your graphics cards.PCI Express and Sata Cables (Required): You will need PCI express cables to connect your graphics cards to the power supply and thus supply them with power. The Sata cable meanwhile will connect the riser to the motherboard and thus detect the graphics card. Normally these cables are supplied with your power supply but if there is not enough for all your graphics cards you will have to get some.Fan on foot or air conditioner (mobile and fixed): You will quickly learn that during a mining session and given the enormous demand for graphics cards, they will release a lot of heat. And inevitably you will need a fan to avoid a concentration of heat in the room where you will mine. After that for those who have more budget, an air conditioner is frankly the ideal to further refresh the space dedicated to mining and significantly improve the life of its graphics cards.A good air conditioner will also purify the air and reduce the amount of airborne dust that may accumulate in the graphics cards.Socket surge and arrester (in our opinion essential) or inverter: For me it is an essential element to the safety of your rig of mining because if there is a storm or a problem of surge these special plugs will protect this the last one I remember is an investment that costs money.Indeed if a deluge of electricity occurs, these outlets are designed to absorb everything and avoid an irreversible degradation of your equipment.Wattmeter (accessory but essential to accurately calculate the profitability of its mining rig): As a good investor you will need to know if your investment is profitable. As a result, a wattmeter will be necessary and practical to measure the amount of electricity your mining rig will consume during your mining sessions. You will be able to know the cost in electricity of your mining rig (by using the scale of the electricity cost provided by your supplier) and to know if this one is profitable, it will also depend on the course of the cryptocurrency that you will mine.Indeed, if a cryptocurrency costs you more electricity than it earns you it will be better to drop and mine another cryptocurrency more profitable to mine. Remember to check this page for the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine.Android smartphone (accessory): Certainly the Android smartphone is accessory but if you do not have this kind of phone it may be interesting to get one, why? Well just because the Android market has many applications that can be useful when you mine. Indeed there are applications to monitor your mining rig (which we will discover in future articles) remotely and learn the performance of the latter if you are traveling.Or even applications to view the price in euros of different cryptocurrencies existing or manage your wallet of cryptocurrencies currently in your possession.Moreover it is also possible to win fractions of cryptocurrencies (if you are motivated) via applications (in the manner of faucet) once again available on the Android Market, not necessarily available on the Apple store and even virtually nonexistent on the market of windows phone.Ledger wallet (accessory): This is really the ideal tool if you want to keep your crypto-currencies closer to you. Indeed the ledger wallet is like a physical wallet that will allow you to store most known cryptocurrencies . Although this device is accessory, I think we have the peace of mind to have his crypto-currencies at hand.Support to install the mining system (recommended): When mounting your mining rig it is advisable to have the motherboard and graphics cards on a shelf or a special bracket to avoid placing them directly on the ground. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the goal is to install his mining rig in an orderly and secure manner to optimize the space used in a room and to mine in a certain comfort.There are specifically dedicated media for mining which are equipped with additional fans and which offers specific locations for the installation of graphics cards. However if your budget is limited it is also possible to get a shelf and install your mining rig.Essential elements for creating a mining rig and mining cryptocurrenciesHere is to sum up of the essential elements to create his mining rig and start mining cryptocurrencies in a serious way:1 1000-watt power supply (with Sata and PCI Express power cables supplied) and according to the consumption (in Watt) of the graphics cards1 para-surge and surge arrester (We are never too careful)1 motherboard (supporting Intel or AMD processors)1 processor (intel or AMD)1 tube of thermal paste for laying the processor1 bar of 4 GB of Ram (DDR3 or DDR4 according to model of motherboard)4 Radeon Rx 580 4GB Ram or 1060 GTX 6GB Ram Graphics (Number of graphics cards to choose from depending on your budget)4 PCI Express risers1 SSD or 1 usb 3.0 (minimum 8 GB capacity required) to install the operating system1 support to properly install his mining rig1 Windows 10 license1 mouse / keyboard and 1 screen pack (required for the configuration of the mining rig)In conclusionThis first article was intended to present the necessary equipment for the assembly and installation of a rig in a methodical and secure manner. I hope to have provided you with all the elements that will allow you to evaluate the cost of your mining rig and that will also depend on the financial objectives you want to achieve with it.Also see this article as a buying guide that will allow you to remember the items you will need to mount a mining rig.In the next article we will see how to proceed with the assembly of the rigging (assembly) step by step, the good practices to have during the installation as well as the configuration to perform before starting to mine.