This everyone will rebel against big brother. A day

This song best depicts the situation where Winston
got a note from Julia and he was fanatical about it for a week. Before reading
the note, he kept thinking that Julia was an agent of thought police and he was
going to get punished but that was certainly not true. After reading the note
Winston felt that Julia is genuine therefore he really wanted to meet her and
was desperately trying to arrange a meeting with her.




This song reminds us about the dream Winston had about his mother and
sister. In the dream she gave him and her sister a piece of chocolate each.
Winston snatched his sister’s piece and ran, although his mom told him to come
back but he did the opposite. Winston never really knew his mother or sister
because they died when he was a kid but in his memory, he has an image of his
mother sacrificing herself for protecting him.  

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This song perfectly describes the central idea of the book. It has a
fact that kids do turn their back on their parents but here in the world of
Oceania you cant really do anything because you are always being watched by big
brother. There is a constant check on every single person and the punishments
for breaking the law are so severe that anyone hardly dares to think about it.
Even Winston and Julia were so badly tortured that they gave up on each other
and will never really think of having a relationship in their life ever

These lyrics reminds us of how Winston always dream and wishes about
that one day when everyone will rebel against big brother. A day when people
will be free and not have any restrictions on them. He thinks that there are
other rebels like him who are looking for opportunity and ones who hate big
brother equally. It also reminds us that Winston is a big dreamer of peace. He
wants to destroy big brother but not with violence.



Winston is sitting in the cafe after half-heartedly
chasing Julia. He now realizes that there is no winning against Big Brother. He
now loves Big Brother and awaits certain death. His whole thought process has
changed and has conformed to the majority of the Party. 100 Suns depicts the
brokenness found in his mind and heart and shows the hopelessness that is held
by most people in the world of 1984