This evaluation expects the app to have simple and

This app analysis
your sleep cycle and wakes you up with an intelligent alarm clock. Waking up
during your lightest sleep makes you feel active and relaxed. This app
nevertheless does the same. It senses your sleep state and wakes you up in your
lightest sleep. This app is a product of Northcube AB.


The sleep cycle routine

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There are 3 states
of sleep: light sleep, deep sleep and dream state. These states will last up to
90 minutes and repeats again.


Turn on the app
and set an alarm, place the phone under your bedcover. This app uses
accelerometers to monitor the movements and sound during your sleep. There are
many wake up phases provided by the app starting from 10 minutes to 90 minutes.
Although the recommended phase is 30 minutes. It takes 30 minutes as a wake up
phase and the alarm rings when we’re in light sleep state. The app gives you a
sleep graph and statistic of the sleep night. The graph can be viewed for the
entire week and also for that month. The app provides melodious alarm tones and
the alarm can be snoozed. Sleep notes such as, Drank coffee, Drank tea, Ate
late, Stressful day, Worked out can be added. The response graph gives you more
details about In bed time, Sleep quality, Time in bed, Total nights.


Why Sleep Cycle alarm clock?

This app helped me
improve my productivity for the day. The alarm sounds gradually and at a light
phase of my sleep and makes me feel refreshed. This app helps me assess and
improve my sleep quality.



Graph analysis
gives me the duration of deep sleep, sleep and awake state. I can track the
time I wake up at night and it helps me improve my sleep cycle. The UI is
minimal and neat, easy to access. The guide for the app is explained with
pictorial representation.


Areas of improvement

This app is not
optimized to track naps. This app is not free and requires $34.99/year to
upgrade to the premium version.This heuristic
evaluation expects the app to have simple and relevant display of information.  

I use this app
with less complexity. This app has a minimal design of layout and displays the
relevant features and information only. For example: the first layout consist
of a start button to click start the alarm clock, an option to turn off the
alarm and an icon in the top right corner to change ringtone of the alarm. The
screen does not display any other irrelevant information. The second layout
displays the result in a graph. It has options to analyze the previous day’s
sleep graph. This page also displays the minimal information required to be
displayed for an analysis screen.This heuristic
expects the app to guide the user with instruction on how to operate and work
on the app.


The app’s simple construction helped me locate
the instructions easily. The 4th layout of the app contains an
instruction on how to use this app efficiently. It guided me on the placement
of the phone (the right location). It also provided a placement test where I
placed the phone facing the bed, under the cover and tested the right position.
It also provided more information on the working of the app and the different
snooze options: Intelligent and regular, which can be changed under settings. When
the app is started, the screen displays a help note about the placement of the
phone always with icons of dos and don’ts.