This chosen teachers will help each other to help

This review
of related literature helps a lot in our conducted research for which it will
support our topic or subject research which deals with fractions. As you all
know, solving fraction is confusing. Even those students in their high school
year got confused on it, not just those students on the lower year/grades.
Fraction can be that easy if students should obey the rules that the
mathematics is giving. In every computation there is always a rule that should
follow so that students easily got their needed answer.

     Conducting research about fractions can
help not just us, as the researchers but also those teachers that are teaching
fractions on their said subject. Even students can gain knowledge upon on this
research or those who will be the respondents of this study. The students that
will be the respondents are able to give them an extra knowledge that will lead
them to solve this fraction not that confusing.

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     Teachers can do some effective way or not
confusing way of teaching the students about the computation of fractions.
Students can understand fraction if there is a way that will cause them to
understand it more clearly. As the researchers together with those chosen
teachers will help each other to help those students to understand more the
fraction that it happen to be confusing on them when they are solving.
Researcher will do their best on the said respondents and also to acknowledge
them that mathematics subject is not that hateful one but an interesting one.

     This review of related literature state
that you are not be able to compute such fractions without the learning skills
of solving it. Students should analyze and understand the given problem. When
it comes on computing fractions through different basic operations they should
prioritize its numerator and denominator. Before computing it everybody should
to know first the rules of solving it.

     In every mathematical problem, there is
always a rules. Aside from the rules, students should paying attention during
discussion for which fraction is really a confusing one. Admit it or not, even
senior students get confused upon solving it. Students are distracted of many
things that caused them not to pay attention on it like their gadgets and
because they don’t like Mathematics subject at all.

     Students should learn to maintain their
passion in Mathematics for Mathematics could be used on their daily lives.
Solving fraction can help you a lot when it comes on your daily life. Upon of
knowing the fact that you should know fraction, you should not only know it but
also apply it on your life. Students felt more much excited when there is a
thrill upon of solving. Maybe sometimes, some students consider solving
fraction as difficult but we can’t deny the fact that there are also others who
like solving it as well.