This and his father was a factory steel worker,

        This paper talks about the sports. On
the other hand, the sports that I choose its all about the Soccer and the
famous and best soccer player in the world. Then includes where are the events.
And talks about the Biography.

        Soccer a good sport on the people they
learn everything. Moreover, the famous soccer player on the world Lionel Messi
is the one who control the game then Messi is an Argentina footballer widely
regarded as one of the greatest player of the modern generation then he plays
on the FC Barcelona, the Argentina team. Then he has won on FIFA world player
of the year four times. He has often been described as Diego Maradona Successor
because of on the game he got a best record and then they ability to dribble
past the ball and the enemy did not stop him he is very faster in dribbling the
soccer ball. And then, Lionel Messi was born, 24 June 1997, in Rosario,
Argentina to a working-class family and his father was a factory steel worker,
and his mother a cleaner. However, he began playing from an early age then his
talent was soon apparent. Therefore, at the age of 11 Messi was diagnosed with
growth hormone deficiency (GHD). This was a condition that stunted growth and
required expensive medical treatment then including the use of the drug human
growth hormone. On the other hand, Messi was given trial with Barcelona with
coach Carles Rexach was impressed because the ability they have is very unique
and the potential of Messi to play soccer they love play soccer. Moreover,
Messi moved to Barcelona with his father and became part of the prestigious FC
Barcelona youth Academy. 

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        Moreover, Argentina is going to the 2018
world cup, and Lionel Messi is the superstar put his country on his back,
scoring a brilliant hat trick in Ecuador to clinch a direct spot to next summer
tournament with 3-1 victory. Then Messi came back with two goals in the first
20 minutes before making it 3-1 just after the hour mark looking like it the
country would miss the world cup after the horrendous start, then Messi first
ever trick in the world cup qualifying play. Generally, Lionel Messi is the one
of inspiration to never give up what who you are just trust yourself and always
be happy in your life.