Thinking everyone acquires because it doesn’t only make you

Thinking creatively is a way of expressing ones
full potential. It comes in various ways such as creating unique ideas to
improve existing ideas, arguments that can be expressed in both a negative and
a positive way, or different jobs roles with different perspectives. In most
circumstances ‘creativity’ defines how creative thinking you are as an
individual; it’s not just about how you think about something that is
imaginative but also producing something in reality. Solving problems is an
ability which everyone acquires because it doesn’t only make you think
creatively but helps you overcome a problem. “A key thinker in the development
of an understanding of creativity, divides the creative process into three
different persona” (Clegg, 1999, p1)


Innovation is defined as bringing original
ideas to businesses so it benefits them with their products and services. Being
creative and having innovation is a which has huge benefits as without
creativity there is no innovation; it also brings value creation in both “Innovation
is fostered by information gathered from new connections; from insights gained
by journeys into other disciplines or places; from active, collegial networks
and fluid, open boundaries” (Jacobovitz, 2015).

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Being creative in business is a quality every
individual should have. It helps you
think about ideas that will help the company you are working for overcoming
them. Problems that occur in business can be such as fall in demand and supply,
not enough buyers, not making enough profit in the business. These are major
issues that have a huge disadvantage in the business but also helps them think
creatively. “If you can make your business innovative… not just meeting, their
demands” (Clegg, 1999, p2).


As an individual brainstorming these problems
can help the company overcome the problems, it will help them get creative with
new ideas and also find many solutions as possible for them to overcome them.
When they have brainstormed all the ideas it will enable them to understand
everything clearly and measure how relevant they are to their company. Thinking
can be defined as two parts Convergent and Divergent.
Divergent can be known as creating different ideas from your past
experience and developing new ones with a better outcome. Whereas convergent is
picking one correct idea which doesn’t require any creative thinking, this has
more influence to make sure there are more opportunities.


The FACETS test concludes that my creativity
result is 4.4 therefore this shows my abilities were higher than expected,
nevertheless my entrepreneur score was 52.2 for teamwork skills. The score
obtained was expected as my teamwork skills are exceptionally high due to my
socialising skills when working with people and engaging in intellectual
conversations. (Refer to appendix 1).


The brain test I completed wasn’t challenging
enough to reflect my full potential. However I managed to determine that I am
able to use both my ‘left’ and ‘right’ sides of my brain based on the answers
of the test. However I feel I use more of my right side of my brain more than


IQ test was useful for showing intelligence
because the results show how creative and organised I am as an individual. The
score obtained from the test is 127 which is a lot higher than I would have
expected to get. Some of the questions in the IQ test were very creative as it
challenged my ability in problem solving especially questions based on maths
pushed my thinking.


Last year not having a part time job was a
threat to me; I wasn’t able to afford everything financially. Whereas in the
summer I applied to a lot of retailers in Walsall, West Bromwich and
Birmingham. Luckily one of the retailers got back to me and I was very
delighted. Being motivated to do something helps you concentrate and think
creatively about how and when you should apply for jobs and be committed to the
role (Refer to appendix 1).


For one of the group assignment we were told to
organise a charity event, in the group, 
I had to communicate well with everyone and I had to also do a
brainstorm about what sort of event we can organise to attract people from
different areas. We thought of many ideas but the most interesting idea that
caught everyone’s eye were ‘blind speed dating’; this will attract mostly
youngsters therefore we decided to hold the event on campus. By brainstorming
all the ideas it helped me solve our problem, we had to think creatively about
what we are going to organise and how; what sort of things will help people be
attracted to the event. I was set a task in which I had to create flyers.  I had to use my creative ideas and make it
innovate on the flyer so it could attract the audience I have targeted. Having
a team leader helps all the group members know what tasks they need to
overcome; motivating everyone in the group helps everyone focus on the task. It
also helps everyone know what they are responsible for. For the event we had to
think about the prices that will help us raise a lot for the charity; we didn’t
want to charge a lot to students because it will discourage them and not make
them want to come.


Thinking is a key aspect of the creative
process “Thinking occurs internally or mentally, but is generally
inferred indirectly through behaviour” (Nair, 2014). Turning my ideas into action helps me think creatively, it enables me
to develop my strategies for innovation. As I have provided a PDP it helps me
recognise all my weaknesses and makes me creatively think about how I can turn
my ideas into action, set all my thinking skills about how I can overcome them
(refer to appendix 1).


To conclude from all the tests that I have done
about myself has developed me as a person and know what I need to improve on so
it helps me in my future career. In order for me to work on my weaknesses, I
will work on them slowly and improve them by setting targets for myself. For
example the personality test shows how I think about certain situations; I
scored 16% which was the second highest from the rest. I feel that I think very
slowly when it comes to decision-making, I don’t rush to make a decision as I
feel it’s not important to do so straightaway.









Task 2


The three case studies that I have chosen from
the Design Council cases are Nike, Mrs Massey’s and Activmobs; these three case
studies will be compared and contrasted on how creativity and innovation were
used and I will also comment on how they help the organisation, its customers
and the environment.


Innovation is a four-stage process “idea
generator, evaluation, development, implementation” (Sherwood, 2001, p10).


Mrs Massy was a nurse for twenty years, due to
her hard working job and home life she wanted to make a change in her career so
she started a small family business by making ‘chutney’ and ‘sauces’ to school
fates which helped her expand in her business; her business has developed by
the support of Ziggurat brand. The second case study is Activmobs which
motivates people to stay fit and healthy in a resident in Kent. The final case
study is Nike; it is one of the most well-known shoe brands in the global
industry. In the 90s Nike was a poor labour and environmental standards;
however they used a flagship product which used creativity and innovation to
expand in their business.


Comparing the three case studies it shows that
all the articles are different scenarios, they have used both creativity and
innovation to expand in their company. I have included a table which shows all
the similarities and differences of the three case studies and also how they
used creativity and innovation in their organisation to achieve their goals.


For example Mrs Masseys ‘chutney’ business
expanded starting from a homemade chutney to the local markets, the use of
imagination in her chutney have made her know that the skills she has used to
make the chutney not only has it been useful to her but also people in her
community. Before the product was launched in the supermarket; the chutney was
a family recipe, Mrs Massey used her creative thinking skills to get involved
in fundraising events in order to help her product get a name in the market. In
this way it will help people know about her creation towards the chutney. The
product was ‘repeat consumed’ this shows that consumers were very happy with
the product and this helped Mrs Massey receive good sales “A purchase made by a consumer that replaces a previous purchase that has
been consumed. Repeat sales often play a role in brand loyalty. If a consumer
purchases and is happy with a particular brand of automobile” (Investopedia,
2011). It was also ‘commercial opportunity’ this gave Mrs Massey
a business opportunity to have title to her individual business because of the
good sales she made due to the quality of her chutney she developed. Mrs Massey
was offered a free of charge services to join the company of ‘Ziggurat Brand’,
this is a free company profile that helps people to get their product brand in
the outside world in order to help them develop in the product (refer to
appendix 2).


However, the article for
‘Activmobs’ is an useful method to help elderly people stay healthy and active
in their residential in Kent. The use of creativity in the article shows that ‘motivation’
is the key to encourage everyone to do activities in order to help them stay
active. The County Council came with the creativity that all the residents
should use their personal skills to develop and do more activities than they
already do, this helped them use their initiative to improve on the skills they
feel they are weak at. The Kent County Council used their thinking skills to
get diverse groups involved of product designers, specialists to help their
residents. They also have psychologists to work with the residents and also
other stakeholders; due to all the help from different organisations, it has
helped Activmobs reach their goals. The company offers personal activity to
encourage people there so they can use thinking skills to carry out all the
activities (refer to appendix 2).

On the other hand due to poor labour and
environmental standards in Nike, they had to think creatively about how they
could make sustainable design choices, the innovation of the product will start
by designing and engineering which will create more sustainable products for
their consumers. After getting some support from the ‘the natural step’ it has
helped Nike launch their new product ‘flapship shoe’ in 2008. They developed
their product by using creative ideas in order to make it smart sustainable
design, the organisation helped Nike reach their vision to its new
sustainability strategy. Nike was successful on sustainable achievements they
used ‘green improvements’ to achieve their aim was which was to use less
resources, use more sustainable products and renewable to produce new products.
Considered Design creates performance innovation products that minimize
environmental impact by reducing waste throughout the design and development
process, using environmentally preferred materials and eliminating toxics. Nike
designers make smart, sustainable design choices at the start of their creative
process, working to achieve breakthroughs to solve the big problems that hinder
progress toward a sustainable future” (,


“Organizations that thrive in a world of
technological change do so because they have developed an architecture that
helps them innovate and adapt to situations no leader can fully foresee or
understand” (Tushman, Michael L; Anderson, Philip, 1997,


In comparison, three of the case studies have a
‘before’ and a ‘after’ image that shows how their creativity has turned into
innovation for the organisation. They all have some motivational benefits to
its customers as it will help them know how they used creative thinking skills
to think about how they could expand in their business. Activmobs, Mrs Massey
and Nike have achieved their goals as they have managed to make their current
product into unique product by thinking creatively. Furthermore, all the three
case studies are environmentally friendly; they don’t harm the environment for
example Nike used ‘green improvement’ so they could creatively think about what
resources that will be useful in their organisation and its customers and not
waste resources (refer to appendix 2).