Thesis: apparent reasoning that Tom Robinson is innocent, racism

Throughout Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, the people of Maycomb are
classed by the color of their skin, gender, and their financial status and that
cause the killing of a mockingbird: Tom Robinson.


SENTENCE: Maycomb is a little town that stood for a miniature American
community with all its positives and negatives. Inequality was one of the
social illnesses that town was plighted with. Many factors caused this illness;
racial discrimination was one of the most eminent causes of inequality

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The most famous victim of racism in maycomb is Tom Robinson, a black that is
falsely accused of rapinf Mayella Ewell. He was brought in front of a white men
jury for trial. Atticus Finch decided to be his lawyer. Although Atticus gives
them all apparent reasoning that Tom Robinson is innocent, racism is shown when
the jury sentences him to death. Atticus tells him that they still might have a
good chance but Tom Robinson thinks that he will only be judged by the colour
of his skin once again.



Tom didn’t want to take a chance but instead he takes the matter into his own
hands and  attempted to escape from jail only to be shot seventeen times
by the guards.



Not only did racial discrimination hurt people who had a different color of
skin, it also hurt people who chose to associate themselves with those
‘different’ people. It even intruded on people’s personal lives.



Mr. Dolphus Raymond was a white man who chose to marry a black woman. Yet, to
get through with it, he had to act as a drunk. He always had to pretend that he
was drinking from a bottle in a paper bag, so that everybody would leave him




Even the people of law, who are supposed to enforce law and justice, were not
able to subsidize their shameful inheritance of racism and the hateful
discrimination that was collectively practiced in Maycomb.  



This quote explains Atticus’s point of view, which is, that the white people of
Maycomb – whatever their social, financial, or official statuses are – have the
mindset that all black people are evil. Therefore, he was inherently losing his
case due to prejudice and lack of justice, not because of the weakness of his
defense or the lack of proofs that his client was not guilty.  

SENTENCE: Along with race, Harper Lee discusses gender roles throughout her


Scout shares resentment towards being called a “girl,” always taking the word
as an insult. Because Aunt Alexandra is staying for a given amount of time,
Scout, to her dismay, realizes she must follow her aunt’s rules.