These important aspect for manufacturers in terms of hardware

These days we are living in an age becoming increasingly dominated by technology. The world is changing and evolving every day, especially with respect to smartphones. There is a common misconception that the smartphone was invented upon the release of the first Iphone in 2007. This is not the case however, the first smartphone invented was invented upon the release of the Simon Personal Communicator in 1992. However the iphone arguably launched the initial appeal for smartphones and their popularity today.The power of smartphones these days has improved exponentially. Processors, Ram, etc. all being designed especially for these handheld devices have dramatically increased their potential uses. Other technologies for example with the implementation of fingerprint sensors as a substitute for passwords and pin codes to allow for faster unlocking of devices, mobile payments, Identification, etc. have all greatly added to the ease of use of these devices. Ease of use is a very important aspect for manufacturers in terms of hardware and software in an increasingly competitive consumer market.Smartphones have had an impact on other aspects of technology, whether it be the demand for screen technologies with higher pixel densities and smaller non-existent bezels or even pulse readers and accelerometers for tracking health and fitness. The demand for these improvements have seen other consumer electronics implement these solutions. These have cropped up across the board with a typical TV having no bezels, unnecessarily high pixel densities along with being wafer thin as a result.Humans themselves, have changed biologically as a result of smartphones and mobile devices. The majority of internet traffic these days now comes from mobile devices as opposed to desktops, which long served as the dominant online portal. These days with information readily available to you in just a few clicks of a finger has changed the way our brain stores and processes information. A study published in the August 2011 issue of “Science” came to the conclusion that as a result of search engines like Google. The brain now catalogs knowledge differently using the engine as an “External memory source”. The study suggests that “We are becoming symbiotic with our computer tools, growing into interconnected systems that remember less by knowing information than by knowing where the information can be found.”This is an example of how reliant the human race has become on these devices, changing the way we work biologically. It is attributed to the daily use of these handheld devices. According to another study conducted by the Bank of America, people can’t last a day without their smartphones. 91% of people claim that their smartphone is very important and for 60% of people it is even more important than coffee. This can have huge changes on the daily life of people. It can even have an impact on how we interact socially with people spending more time interacting on these smartphones rather than face to face. People could become more introverted, along with the deterioration of existing and potentially new relationships.