There right and wrong. These individuals typically commit crimes

There are many different theories that seek to explain why people commit crimes. The three theories that I have chosen to discuss are the Choice theory, Behavioral theory, and Trait theory.  The theory of choice explains that everybody has the choice to make the right or wrong decisions. It is your responsibility to know the difference between right and wrong. These individuals typically commit crimes with a focus on the short-term effects and often neglecting the long-term effects of their actions. I would say I agree with this theory. When it comes down to it we all need to have the ability to distinguish between what is socially acceptable and what is not. If you commit the crime then prepare to do the time.The next theory is the Behavioral theory. Commonly known as the social learning theory.  This theory believes that a person’s behavior is taught over time through common everyday encounters and social interactions. Behaviors that are praised will more than likely stick around. While behaviors that are shunned tend to go away. I agree with this theory because there are many different factors that come into play when discussing a person’s likelihood to commit a crime. If a person is raised not knowing the difference between right and wrong or are never held accountable for their wrong actions, they may grow up believing a certain thing is okay when it most certainly is not. The final theory I will be discussing is the Trait theory. This theory is interesting, stating that crime is uncontrollable and influenced by certain psychological or biological traits. This theory believes that individuals that obtain these types of abnormal traits are unable to function on a social level which leads to crime. I would say I agree with this theory to an extent. Many people that commit crimes often do suffer from some type of mental illness but I don’t believe that people are predisposed to commit crimes.