There parents that are responsive and receptive towards their

There are 4 types of parenting styles, such as authoritarian, parents who have a strong character and impose rules. Neglectful, parents that do not express any certain feelings, and always say no. Authoritative, parents who allow their child to be independent. From all the parenting styles I believe that authoritative is the best choice between how much freedom parents give to their child.The first parenting style is known as authoritative parenting which is parents that are responsive and receptive towards their children. They are usually willing to respond to their kid’s questions. “The authoritative parent affirms the child’s present qualities but also sets standards for future conduct. She uses reason, power, and shaping by regime and reinforcement to achieve her objectives and does not base her decisions on group consensus or the individual child’s desires” (source 1). They are more encouraging and forgiving parents rather than the strict ones, for example when their children don’t come up to their expectation, which they allow the child to explore freely, and become independent. I would consider my parents authoritative for the reason being that they have educated me on how to become independent for my future. Authoritarian parents fail to deliver any clarification or reason for the rules forced by them. In case a child has a concern of why that’s happening, they essentially answer, “Because I said so!” Most of the time these guardians are less responsive, have big requests and desires..”In the present study, authoritarian parenting had a negative relationship with home, health and emotional adjustment of adolescents. The hypotheses were supported by the results were significant.” (source 2) Many of the children who have authoritarian parents try to get their parents attention as to behaving poorly which causes their parents to be stronger with them. “Parents too occupied with their problems”, “Do not express love.” (source 3) Neglectful parents set few limits to their child, and then the children become more disobedient and demanding. I acknowledge that others may consider that being an authoritarian and neglectful parent as to being strict or set few limits would help their child, but in reality, it causes them to dangerous things. However, I consider the authoritative parenting style best choice to how much freedom should parents give their child.Overall, each parent has their own parenting style which they personally use. Considering the 4 parenting styles, I found authoritative parenting to personally be the best choice towards how much freedom should parents give their child.