There old people and no decrease in young people.

There are various reasons for this
variation in the trend of population growth rate in various censuses. There are
many factors that encourages the growth rate of population. The causes of
population explosion include migration, birth rate and death rate, and so on. One of main reason for the population increase
is improvements in industries, technology, and

availability of medical
facilities science and medicine. The health conditions and improvement in
controlling of disease that enables people to decrease in infant mortality
rate. As a result, there is decrease in old people and no decrease in young
people. Another factor leads to lower death of rate is that abortion is not
allowed by several religions in India, and the availability of medical
facilities enables women to increase birth through medical with preventive
drugs such as vaccine. Moreover, there is rapid rise in the standard of living that leads to
increase in life expectancy. The
high population growth rates are due to
improved living conditions, better sanitation, better nutrition, health
education, etc. the average life expectancy of human population has improved
significantly. Also, an increase in immigration often contributes towards
population explosion, particularly in developed countries. It happens when a
large number arrive at an already populated place with the intention to reside
permanently. Lastly, due to lack of awareness about the positive impact of
using birth-control method, there has been a steady growth in birthrate. 

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