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There has been a lot of research on video games and how they affect people, along with how they act. Which leads to the question, are video games actually good for you? Research has proven that video games can have their fair share of bad effects on people, but further research also shows that they can also be good for you as well. Video games have been shown to do many miraculous things. One of these things is them being proven to greatly improve the player’s hand-eye coordination. Along with helping the player more so develop better fine motor skills. Fine motor skills is the coordination of small muscles usually involving the synchronization of the hands and fingers with the eyes which is very commonly used on a daily basis.Now, research has equally concluded that video games are just as bad for your physical health as they are good for it, and sometimes even worse. Although most of the research has been based on playing video games for 90 hours, that may be less than you think. After 90 hours, video games have been proven to play a key role in giving a player displacement of their shoulder, along with having the player lack a key nutrient, vitamin D. The most flattering of these disadvantages of playing video games is that after 90 hours of playing first person shooter type games, the player has shown that their brain loses grey matter in the brain. Grey matter is  important because it contains most of the brain’s neuronal cell bodies. Grey matter also includes the part of the brain that controls the body’s muscle control along with sensory perception.Now if you are worried about losing the grey matter in your brain, worry no more. Research has also proven that 3-D platform video games have sufficiently increased grey matter in the players brain. Video games can also affect you by kindness and empathy in the real world. Research leads to show that during a ” pro – social ” game when players are rewarded by doing something nice, the players have been shown to show kindness and empathy for others in the real world. Another good thing video games can do to your health is improve logistics, along with helping the player learn to multitask and learn higher-level thinking skills needed for the future. Some games make us all angry if extremely engaged in the game or just plain competitive. Research had shown that after playing a first person shooter type game, the player has shown a dramatic increase in aggressive behavior. When playing video games, frequent breaks should often be taken. If not, playing video games without frequent breaks being taken can lead to the effect of headaches, along with blurred vision, and sometimes nearsightedness.Video games for kids and teens can be both good and bad for you, but further research leads to new discoveries all the time.