There can cause serious health problems. People may not

There is a water
contamination problem in California, and it has seriously affected people’s
health. As a 2017 study by Los Angeles Times indicates, the bad water resource
is usually found in farmer communities and small communities. “The state’s bad
water is concentrated in the mostly Latino farmworker communities of the San
Joaquin Valley, but nearly all of California’s 58 counties include small, rural
communities with tainted water.” (Leslie) Thus, people who live in those small
communities are forced to put more money on purchasing bottled water rather
than drinking water directly from faucets.

contaminated water can cause serious health problems. People may not notice the
effects immediately after they have drunk those tainted water. However, in long
term, those contamination sources can lead to cancer or other grave diseases. “Farmers bear responsibility
for nitrate, the second-biggest contamination source, which enters the water supply
from agricultural runoff and manure. Nitrate can cause “blue baby
syndrome,” a potentially fatal disorder in infants, and other serious
ailments in pregnant women and children.” (Leslie) He points out that Nitrate
is one of the contamination that can potentially harm infants, pregnant and
children’s health.

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It is necessary to take
action to deal with this water issue. In short term, people can invest small
amount of money on water resource. For example, people can install water
filtration system at their home, which provides clean drinking water by
removing most of the contaminants. However, this method can only solve the
problem in a short period. In long term, building water treatment facilities is
one of the efficient ways. Unfortunately, it bears huge cost, and most of the
small communities don’t have the funds to have this water treatment facility.

Moreover, larger cities are not willing to invest money to those small
communities. “In Tulare County, for example, the 1971 general plan went so far
as to name 15 unincorporated low-income and minority communities whose drinking
water and wastewater infrastructure was deemed unworthy of investment because
the communities had “little or no authentic future.”” (Leslie) Since
larger city sees that it is not worth to invest money in less productive
communities, small communities are short of funds to fix their contaminated

Although there is limited
resources to address the water issue, it is needed to find ways to solve the
problems. Therefore, everyone can access to clean water and prevent any illness
that is caused by contaminated water.