There beat him everyday. The judge was visibly appalled

was once a boy named Anthony who was only eight years old when his parents
separated. The judge in charge of Anthony’s mother and father’s divorce had a
hard time deciding which parent should gain custody over their child.

first, the judge decided Anthony should live with his mother since she was in
good financial condition. However, upon hearing the decision Anthony began to

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The judge asked
Anthony why he was crying and Anthony said his mother would beat him everyday.

The judge was visibly appalled and immediately gave custody to Anthony’s
father, but Anthony told the judge that his father would beat him too.

judge suggested that perhaps Anthony should live with his grandparents, but
Anthony said that his grandparents would regularly beat him as well.

judge was running out of solutions, but he did not want to surrender Anthony to
the Ministry of Children and Family Development

the judge asked Anthony to help him decide whom he should live with. After
hours of careful consideration, Anthony decided that the Toronto Maple Leafs
should adopt him because they cannot beat anyone.