There any other official information of the experiment. This

There are many recent high profile cases which have made the
headlines and increased public awareness and concerns. One of these cases was
the drug testing trials on humans that have had unexpected and fatal results.

This trial was a “first in human” phase 1 trial to test a
drug that was aimed to treat anxiety and motor disorders related to Parkinson,
chronic pains in people with cancer.

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The Biotrial (French contract-research organization) who produced
this drug stated that the drug was an FAAH (fatty acid amide hydrolase)
inhibitor. The brain as well as other body parts produces this enzyme for
neurotransmitters to be broken down. If this enzyme is inhibited by the FAAH
inhibitors, endocannabinoids are stimulated and generated which have the same
pain killers affects as cannabis. This is because both activate the same type
of neural receptors which may have painkilling properties to treat pain
symptoms in the body.

Public concerns:

As the trial was carried out, it was notified that five of
the participants that were tested were hospitalized due to many organ failures
and adverse side effects. One participant unfortunately died because of the
drug and so, this clinical trial held in France was labelled as a tragic
failure. The public was aware of this drug testing on humans as the
organisation were recruiting people to take part in it. However, as the
incidents during the trial were finally acknowledged by the public, no other
information about the experiment and the steps taken were revealed or discussed
which have left the public to be left in the dark, unaware if the drugs are
still being tested on or any other official information of the experiment. This
caused a rise of concerns in the public as the drug testing that were once
noted to be the new pain killers for humans for pain reliefs, have now caused
many fatal fallouts and the public are still unaware if the drug testing is
continuing or not, leaving some suspicious and worried about the volunteer’s safety.

Another concern raised by the public involves the two newly
laws introduced to the French government. These two changes include, the
strengthening of medical-safety in France, which was set up due to diabetes
drug being removed as the drug was suspected to cause countless of deaths in
2009. The 2011 law, made sure that the volunteers that are taken part are aware
of what the experiment will include and any implications that might occur. This
is done for them to be aware of what exactly they are taking part in so that
they make their final decision. This is done to ensure that their safety is put
first as it is crucial. However, in 2012 a new law was set up that counter
attacks the first law, the rule involves the speed up of therapeutic process in
France and make companied to carry out clinical trials through research
involving humans. This caused concerns in the public because it seems like the
medical safety principles that were put in place may be compromised and lose
priority. This makes the medical safety of the volunteers less important and
focused on as the new law implies that the therapeutic advancements are the
main goal in order for France to be a place of attraction to attract different
companied for clinical trials to be carried out.