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The school is a public elementary school that is part of a subset of schools, called the iZone. The purpose of iZone is to turn around the bottom 5% of schools in Tennessee. Schools that are part of the iZone have a specialize district support team and students have an extended school day. The school is predominantly Black/African-American and more than 95% of students qualify for free/reduced lunch. The school has approximately 400 students but also has a substantial number of students who withdraw and enroll throughout the school year. First grade through fifth grade are departmentalized and students are ability grouped by homeroom. Second grade models more of a team teaching model than a departmentalized model. In the morning, all second grade teachers are working on foundational skills. In the afternoon, math and ELA are taught; students switch classes one time in the afternoon. My mentor will remain in the room for the entirety of the lessons. We have been co-teaching all year and so the students have become accustomed to both of us being in the room. Additionally, on the day that I will be teaching lesson 1 (split classroom/small group), my mentor will be teaching a related lesson on addition.  4. Describe any district, school, or cooperating teacher requirements or expectations that might affect your planning or delivery of instruction, such as required curricula, pacing plan, use of specific instructional strategies, or standardized tests.The school district requires us to use the Eureka Math curriculum. On a school level, we are to have the Eureka components of fluency, application problem, concept development, problem set, student debrief, and exit ticket present in our whole group lessons. The pace we are to keep is to complete each Eureka lesson in no more than a day and a half. Lessons are to be taught whole group on Mondays and Wednesdays. Tuesday is a designated computer intervention day and Thursdays and Fridays are designated for small group instruction. On Thursdays and Fridays, instead of going through the components of Eureka, we start off with problems formatted similar to those on standardized tests (as opposed to one application problem) and then move into small group instruction. About the Class Featured in this Learning Segment1. How much time is devoted each day to mathematics instruction in your classroom? Each day, one hour and forty five minutes is devoted to mathematics instruction. Tuesday is designated as an intervention day and student spend half the time on the computer, doing i-Ready Math lessons.2. Is there any ability grouping or tracking in mathematics? If so, please describe how it affects your class. Second grade classrooms were ability grouped, by class, at the beginning of the school year. These groupings were based on assessments taken at the end of the previous school year. Students who enrolled late were placed into classes based on enrollment numbers. The majority of the students in this class are below grade level.3. Identify any textbook or instructional program you primarily use for mathematics instruction. If a textbook, please provide the title, publisher, and date of publication. Eureka Math is used for mathematics instruction.  4. List other resources (e.g., electronic whiteboard, manipulatives, online resources) you use for mathematics instruction in this class.A Smartboard is consistently used for mathematical instruction. Manipulatives, such as place value disks and base ten blocks are readily available. Students use personal whiteboards at various parts of different lessons. A computer cart is available for student use.