The which were conquered as the Roman Empire came

The history of the
Roman Empire is a fascinating one as the city move from being a city to a
capital of one of the greatest empires known to the world. The Roman Empire
rose between 5th BCE and 1st CE. The rise to prominence
lies within early political institutions of Rome. Its prominence continued as
it replicated its governance system across all the conquered lands.

The political
system of the early Roman Empire was it source of its strength. After the
ousting of the King in 509 BCE, two consuls were selected to rule upon the
Roman Empire. The two rulers could veto each other’s decisions meaning that
this was a check and balance system. The consuls worked together with the two
Roman classes of the wealthy (patricians) and the commons (plebeians), however,
only the patricians could hold political office thus becoming senators who were
important in making decisions in the empire.

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Rome consolidated
its power through its mighty military which reflected the voting system of
Rome. Only wealthy people were allowed in the military service because they had
a right to protect their wealth thus making better and motivated soldiers. The
Roman military was vital for acquiring new lands which were conquered as the
Roman Empire came into contact with the rest of the world. Rome succeeded
mostly because it did attempt to make Romans out of the conquered people;
rather it incorporated them into the Roman Empire allowing them to maintain
their culture and governance institutions but under the Roman rule.


From the above
compilation it is clear that the political institutions of the early Roman
Empire were the source of its strength. The Roman Empire’s military was also
important for expansion. The Roman military reflected its voting system. The
incorporation of other people in the conqoured lands was also important in the
expansion of the Empire.