THE which only carry light chastisement are qualified as



encounter happens to those who change their land to another country or travel
to another culture, when people colonize another culture and when they change
their religion (Pike.J.p91), The Northern Ireland conflict was a thirty year
bout of political fierceness, low adversity armed conflict and political
deadlock within the six north-eastern counties of Ireland that formed part of
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But it The vehemence never
reached the most mutual currently agreed threshold of a ‘war’ – over 1,000
deaths in a year, after that In 1967 elements of the Northern Ireland Labor
Party, radical left groups and the Republican Clubs established the Northern
Ireland Civil Rights Association. Their purpose was to termination the
discrimination versus Catholics within Northern Ireland.I am going to discuss encounter,
because of religious discrimination by analyzing our short story”The
Distant Past”,which wrote by William Trevor , he used the historical
conflicts and the situation of the Middleton’s to express that the past is
inextricably part of the present, in cause of “Religious discrimination”,
it is concerning to religiousgross injustice between Protestant and Catholic,
the most farthest forms of which would involvebyword in which people have been accomplished
for beliefs perceived to be heretic. Laws which only carry light chastisement are
qualified as liberal forms of religious persecution or as religious
discrimination.conflict Religion Nations and are The Middletons support the
Commonwealth of Protestants while However, from history we know that most Trish
from the Irish Free state are Catholics The Middletons can’t see what sense it
is in green- painted pillar boxes and a language that nobody understand? “In

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Stokes, DaShanne. (2001)))


     A Divided Ireland struggle between the English
and the Irish ended back to the 12th century, when England first succeeded in
gaining control of part of Ireland. Later, when the English tried to establish
Protestantism as the sole religion in the predominantly Roman Catholic land,
they naturally met with resistance and considerable anti-English sentiment. In
the late 1800s, Irish Catholics began demanding self-rule, but the most
Protestant settlements in Northern Ireland opposed the plan.In 1920. Britain
divided Ireland into two countries with some Powers of self-government.
Northern Ireland, with its Protestant plurality readily accepted the decision.
The Catholics in the rest of Ireland, however, wanted entire statehood. In 1921
southernIreland agreed to become a self-governing dominion called the Irish
Free State. By 1949, the nation had severed all ties with Great Britain,
becoming the independent Republic of Ireland. Meanwhile, dissension between
Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland continued, and in the late 1960s
the Irish Republican Army (IRA), aprohibitedgroup of Catholic striver, began a
series of terrorist attends aimed at taking out the British from that country
as well.The author William Trevor was born in 1928 to a Protestant family
living in the Irish Free State. Many of Trevor’s stories are set in Ireland and
his characters are often forcible to be faced with the realities of a long
history of violence and hatred.


Distant Past depicts that showing deviance from the social norms and inability
to cope up with change will make an individual gradually unacceptable in the
Society and will make him/ her a recluse. Also, the deviance in the story demonstrate
the divergence Middleton’s have with the commune of the metropolis in their
political and religious judgments (Fardan.H&Abhiav). When mentioned the
person who told this short story, William Trevor was born in Mitchelstown,
County Cork, Ireland. He was raised as a Protestant in a Catholic community. Struggles
between the two religions date back to the 12th century when Britain acquired
control of Ireland. Many of Trevor’s stories are about the conflicts
Protestants faced throughout time of misfortune. His first narration, A
Standard of attitude, was published in 1958.His novel, set fundamentally in
Ireland and England, ranges from black comedies characterized by queer and
sexual errant to stories reconnoitering Irish history and politics, and he
articulates the tautness between Irish Protestant landowners and Catholic
tenants in what critics have described the ‘big house’ novel, William Trevor is
one of the most prolific writers to have standout from modern Ireland.

Patten.E, 2008))


writer William Trevor has expoundedthe brother and sister, Middleton’s as
harmlessly strange He generally referred to them as anachronism. The accuracy changes
when the first British soldiers landed in the North of Ireland position around
them become dreadful and make the people around them turn their faces on them
This contributed to the remorse of the Middleton’s for not selling their each
house and makes them question what they have been doing being cohesive in the
past that made would make them pass away friendless ( Fardan.H).


style lends itself to drama. He has claimed that being an Irish Protestant in a
predominantly Catholic society provided him with an outsider/observer
perspective. Developing the habit of placidly listening to what people say, he
perfected voice and tone, enabling him to delineate a variety of characters who
reveal themselves in words, thoughts, and actions. Evidence of Trevorassessment
of film and detective stories appears in the contiguity of significant scenes,
the revelation of significant details through allusion, and incrementally
disclosed detail.


   Religious discrimination is type of incommensurate
treating a person or group differently in result of what they think in. Despite
the conflicting views of the Middleton’s and townspeople, they achieve a modus interim,
or approval to coexist, and no hostilities occur between them. The town treasures
the eccentric Middleton’s and all past tension seems to be forgotten. Everything
changes when British troops appear close the fringe of Northern Ireland old
conflicts resurface, and the Middleton’s are no longer harmless.


   The story is set in the mid twentieth
century, hundreds of years after the height of the conflict between the Irish
and British. The Irish have achieved their independence and live in the
Republic of Ireland, while Northern Ireland is still British. The Distant Past is narrated in third
person, limited Readers are not allowed to see the thoughts of the characters
they are only allowed to see what things from the narrator s point of view.
This might make readers question and analyze the story in different ways
William Trevor says, “My fiction may, now and again, illuminate aspects of
the human condition, but I do not consciously set out to do so: l am a
storyteller.The Distant Past” addresses the
interweaving of the past and in the it seems as if the past tensions between
the Irish and British have evaporated. Later in the story.


Middleton family has lived in the house Carraveagh for many generations, their
house was built in 17th century. Carraveagh is located in the north of the
Republic of Ireland. Mr and Mrs Middleton are “loyal to the past”. The Middletons
stay loyal to the idea of the Union and to England, as their family always has
been. They keep symbols of this loyalty in their house. And in Friday they
remember the cultural struggle in the past society. The Middleton’s keeps
symbols in his house and in the same way he keeps his view and cultural
opinions.The story revolves around the conflicts between protestant family and
the Catholic residents in a rural Irish town. There was a family named
Middleton’s of Carraveagh who owned a piece of land which was the sons and
daughters after the death of their father. The Middleton’s supported
Commonwealth of Nations openly they had different views of religion in 1reland
and even the politics. But people still respected them. During the late 1960s
when the IRAs started blowing up them post offices in Belfast and the first
British soldiers landed the North of Ireland’ in defense of the attack things
start becoming more dreadful in the area and economy fell down. Tourist stopped
coming in the Thom and even the trades were very low. All the town people
stopped talking to the Middleton’s as they were believed to support the British
and they became. When he visits the village on Friday, Middleton
remembers past days and nostalgia for the past.



conclusion, the distant past short story depicts the conflict between people
due to politic and how it changed people’s life .the short story is a very
famous type of art. Here we have noticed that the conflict between religions
and racism directly affects culture encounter, we also see in our story that the enemy is
always beside us and close to us, but we cannot live with him as a friend or to
love him one day. The writer always refers to the past and we note that he
always mentions the past in his writings. The Distant Past is narrated in third
person, limited Readers are not allowed to see the thoughts of the characters
they are only allowed to see what things from the narrator s point of view.