The When the tragedy of the Chapecoense plane crash

            The Chelsea Football
Club stated on Twitter “Our thoughts are with everyone at
@ChapecoenseReal, their families and all those affected by the tragedy in
Colombia.”(twitter account @ChelseaFC). The morning of the 29th
of November 2016, media confirmed one of the most terrible news in soccer
history, and the world woke up in mourning raising prayers for the ones who
left us and hoping that this tragedy would never happen again. The Brazilian soccer
team Chapecoense, boarded the flight 2933 of LaMia heading to Medellin,
Colombia. The players and members of the team were living a dream came true, to
play for the first time in the Copa Sudamericana final, but minutes before the
scheduled landing, that dream fell apart. When the plane crashed and 71 people
lost their lives, the world said goodbye to those warriors who will always be
remembered and expected anxiously to hear of the 6 victims that survived. The
Chapecoense soccer team accident, created a silent atmosphere fill with tears
all over the world, but the global effects that came afterwards were

When the tragedy of the
Chapecoense plane crash happened, the world expressed gestures of solidarity,
the sense of humanity was vivid and every barrier that kept us apart at that
moment was destroyed, cause we all gathered together to grief the terrible
accident. The circumstances that caused this wave of sensibility for the
victims vary differently, for example the fact that the small soccer team was
about to represent Brazil in one of the most important tournaments in America
or how social media, posted the last joyful videos and pictures of the team
celebrating the classification to the finals of “La Copa Sudamericana”, prior
to the accident, may had caused it. Also, we have to take into account the
background of soccer itself, as a worldwide known sport, that even if there are
a lot of people that do not consider themselves as big fans, with this
accident, everyone felt the tragedy in a personal way, identifying themselves
with the victims’ families and expressing their deepest condolences.   Because
when something of this magnitude happen, direct bonds with the victims are not
necessary in order to feel their pain and frustration.   

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At this point, it is easy to
attribute the flock of supporting messages and generous donations that came
after the accident from all over the world, to a psychological theory of
behavior called Herd Mentality, the condition on which humans have been
influenced by a minority of individuals in a specific moment, that would had
caused a change in their behavior. Therefore, after the plane accident
occurred, millions of soccer players stated their support through social media and
some of them compromised themselves to donate money to the team that had been
left in order to rebuild it after the catastrophe, which is the case of Cristiano
Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who somehow motivated public characters to make
donations for the team, as well as they did it.  On the other hand, besides money and
comforting messages, the Chapecoense soccer team received human donations, when
the Brazilian teams such as Sao Paulo, Corinthians and Palmeiras, who once were
rivals of the Chapecoense, offered to loan players for the upcoming seasons, so
that the team would not get kick out of the first division of the national
league. It is important to keep in mind that not all the effects of solidarity
were explicit, because very symbolic ceremonies took place all around the
world, in the stadiums thousands of minutes of silence were counted and
beautiful posters made by fans were seen, but certainly the posthumous homage
for the victims that Medellin and Chapeco organized, touched everyone´s heart.
These acts clearly shows us that eventually the tragedy lead to a beautiful
sample of Herd Mentality. 


Related to Herd Mentality,
Professor Jens Krause of the University of Leeds mentioned “There are many
situations where this information Herd Mentality Theory could be used to good
effect” (qtd. Nauert). And there is no doubt that the Chapecoense plane crash
created a huge positive wave of Herd Mentality, it made us realize that in
every tragedy there is still a little piece of hope, that no matter our
differences, we are always going to stay together at the roughest moments. But
do we need something like this accident to happen in order to realize the power
of unity and follow the flock to stay strong?











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