The when Christopher Columbus found them. So, Christopher Columbus

development of literature is very fast. The Great Britain is the main place in
which the development of literature is very fast in Europe. The literature
works in Great Britain can support all of the people to make the critical
thinking about religion, history, romantic, belief, politic, and etc. The
British literature has many periods. In that period also has the most important
occasion besides the development of literature itself. For example is ocean exploration.
The ocean exploration has purpose to find the new world. In 1492, Christopher
Columbus found a new world which is being familiar with name America. The
development of America is very fast in all of the fields because it is
supported by the immigrant from the Britain. From the literature side, American
literature has different characteristic from British literature. Some of the
literature works of American has uniqueness than British literature. Because of
the uniqueness of American literature makes we should know and learn about the
American literature.

            The beginning of literature works in
America. When American was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492.
Christopher Columbus found the origin people in the new world or American. He
gave the name to the origin people is Indian people. The term Indian people
still use for calling the origin people of American until now. At that time the
dress of the Indian people is very simple indeed there are naked or not wearing
any dress to do some activities. The Indian people had not religion when
Christopher Columbus found them. So, Christopher Columbus baptized the Indian
people. At the first, the Indian people did not understand about the language
of Christopher Columbus, but they studied very fast. So, they could adapt and
understood the language of Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus made sign
of the cross to the Indian people after that Indian people started to study
about Christian. About the literature work of Indian people itself, they
developed their literature work through oral. They delivered their literature
work through oral way especially they did story telling in front of other
people from the generation to other generation. They usually made their
literature work based on nature for examples are the story about sun, moon,
solar and lunar eclipse, thunder, and etc. There are some literature works
about soul, supernatural for example the animals could change as human, magic
especially about white and black magic, and their belief about heaven and hell
for example the story about human from heaven and hell. Furthermore, there are
some literature works about legend such as the legend of Yuchi, Kohwa, the
legend of how the earth formed, and the legend about the stranger who visited
the Indian people for trading and then they walked way. The characteristic of
Indian literature was having the traditional sense.    

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            Colonial period is the first period of
literature in America. The development of American literature is begin when
English speaker come to the America. 1492-1700 is the colonial literature in
America. Colonialism is the main inspiration of literature work at that time and
also other inspiration to make literature works is English literature. American
literature was supported by the English explore in Colonial period. The first
American writer is John Smith. He is a colonist and English explorer. His
literature work is A True Relation of Virginia, it is tell about the colonizing
which is has some problems. Furthermore, there was a Puritan writer his name William Bradford. The title of his
literature work is Plymouth Plantation. It is about the colony’s life that
focuses about religious and depictions.

            Revolutionary period is replacement of colonial period. Revolutionary
period was happened in 1700-1800. The big influence of revolutionary period is
the feeling dissatisfactions to the system of colonial. The literature works
such as pamphlet, essay, and speech. The writers became an anti-British,
politically, and rationalism. The people that is famous in revolutionary period
such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, and John Hector ST. John. Benjamin
Franklin is the famous person in revolutionary period. The Way to Wealth is his
literature work about how becomes a successful person. Then Thomas Paine, he is
a pamphleteer. The title of his famous pamphlet is Common Sense. Common sense
attacks the system of colonial and gives explanation about America should be
independent. Then, John Hector is the father of America novel. His literature
work is A Letter from An American Farmer.

literature of Romanticism and Transcendentalism period. The
literature works of romanticism period focuses on renouncement to the aspects
of classicism. And also the literature works of romanticism period preferred
nature, imagination, and individualism than religious and political sense. The
writers of romanticism period had group the name is The Knickerbockers. The Knickerbockers had job for publishing the
magazine in New York. James Fenimore Cooper is the person in romanticism period
who writes the series of novels that name is Leatherstocking Tales and also Edgar Allan Poe, he is a
famous person in American who makes some literature works such as The Mask of the Red Death, The Tell-Tale
Heart, and The Black Cat. Furthermore, there is Transcendentalism
period. It is the period which is the literature works based on individualism
and nature. There are famous literature works such as The Nature written by
Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the Scarlet Letter, it is the book about American
literary history written by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

            The period of American literature Realism
and Naturalism (1835-1910). The main literature works of Realism is Novel.
Realism promoted the theme about the negative of migration and industrialization
era. The literature works in Realism such as The Adventure of Tom Sawyer and
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain and also Uncle Tom’s Cabin
written by Harriet Beecher-Stowe. Furthermore,
Naturalism is other period in 1835-1910. The naturalism drew the situation
about prostitutes, crime, drunks, poverty, and the environment problems. Some
of the literature works such as Maggie:
A Girl of the Streets, it is about prostitute in New York and The Red Badge of Courage, it is about the
soldier has experience in Civil war. Both of the literature works written
by Stephen Crane.

modernism period in America. American encountered modernism in 20th
century. Modernism made the poet and writer showed their experience and feeling
about how the life in modern period. The literature works more complicated from
writing side. Ezra Pound is the famous person in this period. His literature works
such as Cantos.
T. S. ELIOT and The Waste Land.
F. SCOTT FITZGERALD also writes The Great Gatsby.
It is the story about a man named Nick Carraway who converges with Jay
Gatsby which is he is rich man.