The videos on YouTube platform for example TedTalks. And

The art of
negotiation is a very powerful skill. Many people think that the ability to
enter a bargaining meeting is required only for businessman, diplomats and
politics. But this myth has to be dispelled.

Any person
who wants to achieve success in any field needs to know negotiation techniques.

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Each of us
has faced the challenge to negotiate while applying for a new job, buying staff
in the market, asking for a date, rolling children into a kindergarten or
making a decision in a family. The deal is to convince your opponent who might
have absolutely different point of view that you are right. Each side needs to
withstand confrontation.

 A good negotiator knows the techniques of
manipulation. He can scan people as soon as he sees them. It is also important
to realize all kinds of social-psychological mechanisms. 

knowledge about negotiation techniques is first step before practice. Specially
developed books, Internet sources such as posts on forums held all kind of
information. There are many inspiring videos on YouTube platform for example
TedTalks. And becoming a negotiation pro is not easy from first try. You need
master your skills to achieve success.

First of
all it is important to have a strategy. You need to be clear in your objectives
and set priorities. Try to imagine the course of the talks. Predict the points
of contention that are remained to be resolved.

differs from an ordinary dispute because of its whole structure, plan and final

A key to
success in negotiation is having strong arguments in favour of your position.
You need to consider carefully all its ‘pros’ and ‘cons’, advantages and
disadvantages that can be constituted in during the discussion. Plan ahead your
own arguments so you will be ready to hit your opponent.

thing to prepare is to get to know your competitor. The more information you
have gathered the better. Even small details can help a lot. Having the
information of his interests, character, and habits allows you manipulate your
opponent in refer to his weaknesses.  

You have to
show flexibility and make concessions. Think carefully what you are ready to
give in. Making a compromise is essential to successful negotiation.

that you are already in a winning possession because you have more time in
disposal than your opponent. You can think ahead your negotiation and make up
different scenarios up to each situation.

negotiation technique depends on the position you have chosen to take.

position – you already understand that you are stronger than your opponent (for
instance you are a private investor negotiating with an entrepreneur about
putting real capital behind his start up)

position – you already understand that you are weaker than your opponent (for
example you are an entrepreneur going to visit an official to ask for placing a

position – you do not  know yet whether
you are stronger or weaker than your opponent 
(for instance you are a head of the company negotiating about
cooperation with a similar magnitude head of the company)

If you are
in a leading position – you feel much more confident than your opponent (for
example the relationships between boss and 
subordinate, investor and a person who is looking for investor etc.)

In this
case you can win the negotiation being more competent than your opponent. He or
she will not fully understand what you are talking about, and will be obligated
to agree with your arguments. In addition your language has to be clear and
perfect, all syllables correctly put. 

The next
thing  is making your opponent being
vain. Seeing incompetentence of your opponent you have to make him believe that
he is good specialist in this question, that you need his professional advice.
Being proud  of himself your opponent
will lose control and agree with your statement after some hints.

pressure on greed. Underline all materialistic and personal benefits that your
opponent gains. You can hyperbolize a little bit – this will boost the
effect.  Many people can not deal with
being greedy so they run on tricks.

If you are
in a weak position try to ask softly about help. Sometimes it works to play on
sympathy, on emotions. This method is often used by girls or kids. Many men or
parents can not stand women’s and children’s cry. But this technique of
manipulation works out.

Also it is
helpful to show your perfect knowledge of your and your opponent’s rights and
obligations. Especially this method works well in negotiation with the
officials. Talk about it with smile on your face. Do not be aggressive.

Anyway let
your speech be directed and clear. The opponents will be surprised by your
frankness and honesty and will reciprocate.

Work on
your objections. Do not formulate it in a rude manner. Be laconic but maximum
accurate at the same time. Always have a few objections in your back pocket.

Having some
recommendations and references from influential people might be a great

Another way
to win the negotiation is to pretend that you are fool. Socrat used this
technique 2300 years ago. While listening to your opponent you can consider
your answer more wisely.

In addition
show your sense of humour and be charming. 

To sum up,
negotiation techniques are specific methods and approaches that are used by a
negotiator to achieve his strategical goals. Negotiation skills are important
to everybody dating back to different historical periods up till today. It is a
key to achieve success in varieties of spheres.

negotiation requires a strategical goal, strong arguments, gathering
information about your opponent, making concession. Depending on your position
(strong, weak or uncertain) you have to use soft power (showing off
incompetence, kindly asking for help) or your winning position (showing
competency, making your opponent being vain). Always be tactful, self-confident
and loyal. In contrast being arrogant, shy and indecisive makes you lose the
negotiation. A good negotiator keeps his emotions on check. All these
negotiation techniques will bring stunning results.