The us up to date with what is happening

The news is constantly changing and there is always new information out there. In Rolf Dobelli’s article he expresses his thoughts on why news is not good for us. Then, the article by Steve Salerno talks about two big celebrities in our society and how they are becoming self centered. For the people that watch the news, they see what is going on with big celebrities. If we see the celebrities and how they act it maybe making society more prone to acting like the celebrities. However, news keeps us up to date with what is happening around the world and just because you see someone acting a certain way does not mean to follow them. In the article “News is Bad for You-and Giving up Reading it will Make You Happier”, by Rolf Dobelli, he explains how news can be dangerous to our health and it wastes our time. However, I do not completely agree with news being bad for us. Yes, news can waste time and can become addictive for those who watch or read it constantly, but it informs us about what is happening around the world.  The author states that news can affect how we think and can lead us to think about irrelevant topics. Dobelli says, “The media feeds us small bites of trivial matter, tidbits that do not really concern our lives and do not require thinking” (Dobelli). This is not a false statement, but news does provide us with helpful tidbits that keeps us up to date. However, seeing figures like Trump and Oprah on the news can influence us to follow their footsteps with our actions. Many people view Trump and Oprah as Narcissists.The next article we read it brought up points about how society is self centered. He also, uses two big figures to help us picture society becoming self centered. I do agree with society becoming more self centered. If we are constantly watching the news we will be seeing all of the self-centered actions that Trump and Oprah are doing. Salerno says, “Something subtle yet important has gotten lost in the media salivating over Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes speech and the prospect of a “battle of the network stars” presidential face-off” (Salerno). Which is saying that narcissism is something subtle, yet we are becoming lost in the media and it is making us self centered.The two essays that we wrote about connect  media and popular people together. If we seclude ourselves from the news, we may lose important news that we should know as citizens. News will not waste our time if we can control our news watching time. However society is not becoming more self centered because of the news or the two public figures. The media does not influence how we act. It is our own minds that become self centered.