The towers topped by an extraordinary sky park, ‘floating’

The vision and mission is a standard and critical element of a company’s organizational strategy. It serves as a guide for all of the company’s decision-making. A vision statement is a long-term goal that describes the desired future position of the company; while, mission statement offers insight into what the company leaders view as the primary purpose of the establishment of the organization. A clear definition of the mission, vision, and goals of the organization assist in the smooth running of the organizational activities.According to the vision and mission statement stated by Marina Bay Sands (MBS), from being an unknown up to being one of the world-famous resorts in Southeast Asia, it is not mistakable that MBS’s members really put all their efforts to the max into the achievements that they are reaching for in the beginning. Other than upgrading its own resort, MBS also aims to help to position Singapore as a leading leisure, tourism and MICE destination, and support the country in achieving its goals of increasing tourism receipts and visitor arrivals. They are also committed into supporting Singapore to achieve its economic, tourism and social goals by working closely with the Ministry of Manpower, Workforce Development Agency, National Trades Union Congress and Singapore Tourism Board to ensure that there is a sufficient pool of skilled talent for the sector.The list of achievements that MBS had done that reflects their vision and mission is featuring the three cascading hotel towers topped by an extraordinary sky park, ‘floating’ crystal pavilions, a lotus-inspired Museum, retail stores featuring cutting-edge labels and international luxury brands, trendy Celebrity Chef restaurants, endless entertainment at the theatres, having the hottest nightclubs and Las Vegas-style casino and more.Hence, there’s more and they did not stop there. In 2017, they had upgraded their market by having the world’s most mesmerizing lights and water shows in Southeast Asia which includes the stunning OCBC Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the Bay, Wonder Full at Marina Bay Sands, the majestic Crane Dance at Sentosa and last but not least, the i Light Marina Bay festival which started in 2010 and took place annually from that year on. With so many great backdrops it isn’t surprising that at night somewhere in Singapore will lit up with a dazzling display of multi-colored lights to the sound of well-known tunes or original compositions. From incredible laser shows that light up the Marina Bay seven-nights-per-week, to huge man-made trees that shine brightly across the city for miles, all these Singapore light shows makes a great entertainment and experiences in the tourism and entertainment industry in Asia. Furthermore, other than above, MBS never forgets about their hard-working staff members who had put their all mentally and physically to be able to work really hard in achieving MBS goals. For example, they provided a “mini-city”, the so-called Heart of House that spans the entire basement of the three hotel towers and caters to all of the staff members’ needs at all times of the day such as 24-hour convenience store, ATMs, a clinic, two 24-hour dining rooms that serve more than 8,000 piping hot meals single every day, wardrobe department with 160,000 pieces of uniform, staff changing rooms which includes shower facilities and beds for staff to take power naps in between shifts, and more. Other than that, they even provided an in-house Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) training and assessments to its staff. MBS is currently offering about 40 in-house training programmes which staff can also apply for external courses that range from day-long sessions to entire degree programmes. Training modules are often tweaked and improved based on feedback. Employees who complete WSQ modules would also receive nationally recognized statements of attainment. All this are provided in order for the MBS staff members to embrace the challenges and demands of a dynamic, world-class organization in and outside of MBS.