The too; the statue represents David in the Bible.

The Renaissance was a time for rebirth and change in many European countries. Its origins can be traced back to early as the 13th century and lasting till the 17th century. This time is known for the radical change in many different areas including art, religion, and education. New techniques, styles, and materials began to enter the art world at this time. Painting was the most common forms of art during this time using the mediums of tempera and oil paint. Sculptures were also very common. While the church played a very vital role by greatly influenced artwork, and the church sponsored the art. Overall, Renaissance art was a radical change in the types of art created used, the churches influence and sponsorship, and the new techniques developed. All of these factors caused art to be viewed differently.One popular style of art during the renaissance war painting. Although oil, and tempera paint were often used, fresco, murals done on plaster walls, were more common. During this period, many famous paintings created during this time used oil and tempera paint. “Mona Lisa,” “The Last Supper,” and “The Creation of Adam” are all famous art pieces done during the Renaissance. All of the artworks focused on perspective. Before the renaissance, the perspective of most art pieces was off, however, during this period the development of accurate perspective in art began to grow. All of the pieces involve people, and the people are drawn to scale. Additionally, all of these art pieces use paint, “Mona Lisa” uses oil paint, “The Last Supper” uses fresco-secco, and “The Creation of Adam “uses paint and plaster. The use of perspective later established foreshadowing in art. These paintings are some of the most famous paintings today,Another style of art that was popular at this time was sculptures. The use of marble and bronze. Marble was used to show different textures and was normally used to sculpt free-standing sculptures. One sculpture that was created during this period was “Saint George” by Donatello. His sculpture shows “deep knowledge of the human figure” (Encyclopædia Britannica par.3). This shows how the advancements in the accuracy of drawing continue to flourish during this period. Additionally, Michelangelo sculpted “David” during this time too; the statue represents David in the Bible. Overall, during this time the sculptures created showed great talent and accuracy.The church played a vital role in the renaissance. The church influenced many aspects of European life, but also changed art. Many art pieces during this time were created after Biblical characters and were placed in churches after. Without the Christian Church, many of the famous art pieces would not have been able to be done. At this time in history, the church controlled and obtain the majority of money the economy, due to the church commissioned most of the art. Another critical aspect of art during this time was the development of new techniques. Different types of paint were used to bond with varying types of material. Fresco is where the paint is mixed with wet plaster; tempera paint is mixed with egg whites to create a more durable, long-lasting paint, while oil paint allowed painters to create a translucent effect. Additionally, during this time the development of accuracy within art grew. Art during this period truly began to change.Art during the Renaissance was reborn into a more modern style for the time. The painting, sculptors, and techniques that were developed created a pathway for the following artwork to grow upon. The Church’s influence also significantly affected the art during this time, because without it many painting and sculptors would not have been able to be created. Overall, renaissance art truly changed the art was created and viewed.Work cited Holderbaum, James, and Joseph Hudnut. “Western Sculpture.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 23 July 2015, Staff. “Renaissance Art.”, A Television Networks, 2010,, “Painting Techniques of the Renaissance,” in, July 18, 2012,