The too much isolation is not healthy_________. He chooses

The Author Margaret Atwood presents the critical theory of Feminism in her novel “Hag-seed”, which is presented through various motif’s throughout the story, such as revenge, grief, and imprisonment. 
Revenge is firstly presented between two characters in the novel, Felix and Tony. Felix and Tony started off as coworkers. Tony was Felix’s assistant, who ended up betraying him. He did this by controlling finances in efforts to stop the production of his upcoming play, “The Tempest”, which would be presented at the Makeshewig Festival. This caused Tony to take Felix’s job, leaving him jobless. To cope with this defeat, Felix decided to move to a far away to a northern town, in which he would live in isolation. Felix gets his revenge against Tony at one of his plays at his new job, at the Fletcher’s Correction Facility in which he is working with the inmates. His revenge takes place when his cast fakes a prison riot, and Tony is overheard on tape saying that he should murder one of the members of the board that he is on. Felix uses this to blackmail Tony, thus giving him his job back. This is an example of revenge, because Felix was wronged first by Tony, and he wronged Tony back, due to the wrongdoing of him first. This relates to feminism, because revenge is a one of the main motif’s in the novel, and it consists of no female characters. This portrays an anti-feminist/sexist society. 
Isolation is another Motif in the novel “Hagseed”, which is related to feminism. Isolation is firstly presented when Felix decides to work at a prison called “Fletchers Correctional Facility”, in which he is teaching theatre to inmates at this prison. Although his students are isolated from society and the outside world due to the fact that they are prisoners and have therefore been convicted of a crime, they are still respectful towards Felix and actively participate in his class. Felix reaching out and wanting to teach the class is an example of him realizing he is in isloation, and realizing that too much isolation is not healthy_________. He chooses to teach the class to in order to get out of his isolation, not because he needs the money. The second example of isolation is presented when Felix is mentally isolated in regards to his daughter. Throughout the story when Felix isolated in society, he imagines is daughter, Miranda, is alive when in reality she is dead. Felix constantly has conversations with her and acts as if her physical presence  is there. This is because Felix is mentally isolated and imprisoned, due to the constant disappointment in his life. His wife died, daughter Miranda died, and he lost his job, causing a fear of coming to terms with these disappointments. This causes a mental isolation which leads to him believing things that are not true. Isolation in the story “Hag-seed” relates to feminism, because Miranda and Felix’s wife, who are the only female characters in the story, are not actual characters in the story because they are not alive. This portrays an anti-feminist society, because all of the main characters in the story are male and not female.

Grief is another motif in the novel “Hag-seed” by Margaret Atwood, which relates to feminism. Grief is a response the loss of a person or object, typically when a bond was formed between the two. Grief is present in “Hag-Seed” when the protagonist, Felix, faces grief from the death of his wife, death of his daughter, and loss of his job. Felix firstly faces grief from his wife, who died during child birth. Secondly, Felix faces grief towards his job, when Tony fires him from his position as artistic director. He deals with this grief by isolating himself from society, which is another motif in “Hagseed”. Lastly, the most prominent depiction of grief in “Hag-seed” is presented with Felix’s daughter, Miranda. Miranda died at the age of 3 due to illness, and Felix shows grief of his daughter throughout the entire novel. One of Felix’s main priorities in the novel is to perform the play “The Tempest”, due to the purpose of him playing Prospero, who is the father of another charcter in the play, who happens to have the same name as his own daughter; Miranda. He first attempts do the production of the tempest for his  this for his job as the artistic director Makeshewig Festival, however it did happen due to the fact that he got fired. Felix then moved away, and decided to do a production of the play at his second job. When casting members to play the role of Miranda, he is very selective of who he picks, as if it is in relation to his own daughter who died. This is an example of grief, because instead of accepting the fact that his Daughter is dead, he pretends that she is alive through the play. This continues on in the novel, when Felix hallucinates that Miranda is living with him. He will talk to her with meaning and emotion as if she is present, although she is actually not. This is an example of how Felix griefs the death of his daughter, Miranda. This relates to feminism, because Miranda, who is one of the only female characters in the story, does not communicate with any other females in the story, This is because the it is a male dominant book, which is portrays anti-feminism. 

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