The to public uproar over the novel’s depiction of

The book’s
title represents the competitive of capitalism; the area of Packingtown is like
Darwinian jungle, where the strong victim on the frail and all breathing things
are involved in a brutal, dishonorable fight for existence. The name of the book
attract attention  to the doctrine of
Social Darwinism, an impression used by some 19th thinkers to explain the misuses
of rich capitalists. This impression basically held that civilization was intended
to reward the sturdiest, best people, while mediocre people were kept back at an
appropriate level. By connecting the story of a group of truthful, reliable
immigrants who are ruined by dishonesty and wicked, Sinclair tries to refute
the impression of Social Darwinism, suggesting that those who prosper in the
capitalist organization are not the finest of humankind but somewhat the nastiest
and greatest corrupt of all.

In history, The
Jungle’s most significant effect was perhaps the way of the Drug Act of
1906 and Pure Food, passed in response to public uproar over the novel’s depiction
of the meat industry’s preparation of selling rotten and contaminated meat to gullible
customers. Sinclair metaphors unhealthy meat and the cans of rotten meat to characterize
the essential dishonesty of capitalism and the two-facedness of the American
Dream. The cans have glossy, good-looking surfaces but hold a mass of rotten
meat unhealthy for human consumption. In a similar way, American capitalism offering
a beautiful appearance to immigrants, nonetheless the America that they discover
is awful and crooked

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In the Jungle
the most important form of symbolism is the slaughterhouses of Packing town and
the animal pens, which portray in a simple, immediate way the dangers of the
working class. The animals at Packingtown are made into pens, killed with exemption,
made to suffer, and have no decision about their destiny, which shine light on how
the thousands of deprived immigrant workers are required to go in the apparatus
of capitalism, which breaks them down and slowly kills them and their giving no
choice. Animals move through Packingtown in a continuous flow, thousands of animals
are killed every day and substituted by more, just like ages of immigrants are
destroyed by the cruel work and the domination of capitalism and in the end substituted
by new generations of immigrants.