The to less gritty individuals. The grittier the athlete

purpose is being the first study to test grit and personality traits on how it
affects the expertise in the soccer players. They wanted to prove the grittier
the athlete the more dedicated and overall better athlete/teammate they would
be for the team.


used 385 youth elite male soccer players for this study. They used the Short
Grit Scale and the Participation History Questionnaire. The followed up with a
temporal occlusion method for perceptual-cognitive ability of the participants.

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This included 20 videos of soccer plays and they had the option to pick the
next step in situation. Then videos of a soccer player performing a move and
they would have to answer with what that soccer player would do in that
situation. They were asked to identify which player would be the more
threatening one to defend.


the age was controlled the grit had a bigger positive effect on the scores of
the Grit-S and PHQ. Over all as a whole they was a small to medium significant
correlation with the grit and soccer specific measurements. The study used
one-way ANCOVA to find the mean, which demonstrated a rather significant effect
on grit with the age control.


For this study they reported the first
attempt that demonstrates the possible link between the personality traits and
grit as well as the effects it has on the desire to achieve long-term goals even
with failures or setbacks. This included in sport-specific engagement, indirect
factors and perceptual-cognitive skills. The case study’s findings of the on
going may indicate that grittier youth athletes are more likely to invest
greater amounts of time in soccer-specific activities, and work toward their
sporting goals, compared to less gritty individuals. The grittier the athlete
the more they want to participate and build up the team in more ways than just